Why does OVO send an engineer to read my smart meter?

  • 4 May 2017
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Why do you need to send someone around to read a smart meter ?


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Great question! Whilst you no longer need to submit monthly readings once you’ve had a smart meter installed, we still need to send out a meter reader who’ll visit roughly every 2 years. This is a industry-wide requirement and means we’ll check not only the reading but also that the meter is safe and functioning as it should. Currently we employ meter readers from ‘Morrisons Data Services’, and our Support Team can confirm whether the visit is genuine, if you’re concerned.


If you're not in when they visit, the meter reader will leave a card to let you know they’ve tried to visit. It's not a problem , they'll try again in around 6 months time.


You can check that your meter is still sending us the readings automatically on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) - if you do notice any communication issues complete the smart meter health check for your meter type below and contact our Support Team with the results.



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I have a smart meter , so why has a meter reading men call to read my gas meter? 
should this be a concern? 

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Hey @celia marshall ,

Yes, this is expected. Even with Smart Meters, you’ll still get manual visits every so often to verify everything is working and take a manual reading. This is just housekeeping stuff more than anything else. As long as the ID is valid, you can safely allow them in.

Thank you for your help Uk reply

Best wishes 

Is there a particular time in the year to give photo meter readings to avoid Morrison Data  Services  visiting your premises when you only have electric energy no gas 

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Hi @Pilgrim2 


No, there’s no time to submit a read to avoid a meter reader coming round. We’re required to carry out certain checks on your meter every 1 - 2 years, and we use ‘Morissons Data Services’ for this work. This is an industry-wide requirement and means we’ll check not only the reading but also that the meter is safe and functioning as it should. If you’re not in when they pop round, it’s really not a problem so long as we are still getting meter readings from yourself.

A male person knocked on my door lately and he said he was from ovo, and he was looking for a particular house.  Is ovo really sending out agents for home visits or was this fake? Unfortunately I did not ask for ID.

Funny enough I'm a ovo customer as well and I wonder if there's a connection. 

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Depends on the reason. As far as I’m aware OVO doesn’t use door-to-door salesmen.

However, there are reasons why OVO staff - or someone on OVO’s behalf - might do a home visit, such as :

  • Engineer visit - such as to fix/replace a meter or carry out a job you requested
  • Meter reader - pretty self-explanatory
  • OVO Energy Expert - but this is ONLY by appointment that you’ve requested
  • Debt collection
  • Investigating tampering
  • Safety reasons - if there’s an emergency, an engineer might visit to make things safe

Always ask for ID.