Should I buy a second hand In-Home Display to pair with my Aclara SMETS 2 smart meters?

  • 2 April 2022
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Can I pair a Geo Tri 11 moniter on an Aclara SGM 1312 electric meter and Aclara Uniflo G4SZV gas meter ?

I understand That the electric meter is a Smert1 model with a Aclara SGC1311 Smart Communications Hub installed. Currently paired to Chameleon    IHD2-TS/IT 2017


Main reason i wanted to upgrade the monitor is so that I can wifi it over to an app on my phone and I know the TRi 11 monitor works on the app...Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated...


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Hi @georgenx ,

This will depend on OVO’s policies as it’s not an IHD model OVO supplies. Where did you get it from by any chance?

Thanks for your info,

I have not purchased the Geo Tri 11 as yet, just wanted to know if it would pair first.

I am also with British Gas at the moment.

I guess i just need the wifi capabilty as the very aged IHD2-TS/IT 2017 does not have this ability.  Failing this I suppose I could purchase a later version of the Chameleon IHD moniter but would they pair to these older meters i guess they are SMERT 1s…..

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No worries.

It’s worth me mentioning that buying an IHD like this one on sites like Amazon or eBay is not recommended. Many of them are already paired to another meter and there’s no guarantee that OVO would allow you to pair those to your meters or that it would even work at all.

However, I do have options I can think of. Both Chameleon and Hildebrand sell IHDs that you can buy directly from them and self-pair using the provided instructions. Chameleon has the ivie Bud which is definitely compatible with SMETS2 but I’m not sure about SMETS1, so you’ll want to use the compatibility check tool first. I’m probably going to talk to Chameleon about that now that I think about it. They already know me pretty well, so it should be fairly easy to get an answer.

I’m also reliably informed by one of my sources, that Hildebrand has more stock of the Hildebrand Glow ready for SMETS1 that’ll be available in the next few weeks. It’s not in stock right now, but that would give you a chance to check with their customer service if it’ll work for you. My sources tell me that Hildebrand is happy to do a compatibility check free of charge without commitment.

Excellent advise thank you.

I have followed up on your links, and the Ivie Bud does work with my meters according to  the compatibility tool and also awaiting a response from Hildebrand.

So hopefully from your recommendations i should have an new upgraded paired monitor up and running shortly.

Thank you very much for the help and advice…...

Hi, I’ve just bought a Chameleon IHD3 (2018 version) off eBay that I’m thinking of immediately returning...


I’m with Eon (now Eon next)

My question is - should I be able to use this monitor with it being 2nd hand? EG is it hard locked to the previous owners smart meters?

It refuses to connect to my smart meters and it doesn’t appear to have a wifi option like the newer 2019 models have. It just repeats saying "waiting for data" and "connection lost"

I suspect my smart meters are only S1 and not S2

Is it a requirement of having the above monitor to have an S2 smart meter?


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Hi @kirky2k2 !

Yup, I’m afraid so. You’re going to have a very, very hard time getting that IHD paired to your meters, especially as it sounds like it’s already paired to someone else’s site. You’ll be best off returning that IHD3 I’m afraid as it’s unlikely to work. This is one of the reasons I strongly recommend against buying random IHDs off of sites like eBay or Amazon. Would I be right in thinking that someone at E.On Next said you could by any chance?

If you can show me some photos of your meters though, I’ll be happy to recommend an alternative IHD that should work for you, as well as where you can get it from safely.

Thanks @Blastoise186 I've returned the unit I bought. That'll teach me to not properly research before buying. Anyway I've gone and downloaded an app called loop. Signed up and it's connected to my electricity meter with no issues. Can't seem to get my gas meter added to it though. Perhaps it takes a while. Anyway this seems to do the job the monitor was supposed to do. Fingers crossed my gas meter gets added soon. Thanks for the help. 

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No worries. I’m afraid gas usage data might not be available via the Loop app. It’s kinda complicated but you’d never really get much data out of the gas meter anyway.

All of the E.On Next customer service teams have already been told on multiple occasions to stop telling customers about being able to buy replacement IHDs on Amazon or eBay etc. I know some people there, so I’ll give them a heads up that it’s still happening as they’ll want to know about it. Even if it’s not happening to you, I get a lot of PM’s from other users who don’t want to talk about anything publicly (your thread reminded me that I’ve not done it yet!).

If you get stuck with anything else, feel free to stop by. We’ll either be able to help you out with some advice, or at very least give you something that helps you get closer to a solution. :)