New smart meter Kaifa MA120 with a Toshiba top- Since I've been having trouble with my Harvi & Zappi car charger?

  • 13 March 2024
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Just had a new smart meter fitted, Kaifa MA120 with a Toshiba top.

since it was fitted I have been having trouble with my Harvi & Zappi car charger,

I had a Grid CT lost error code come up. I’ve re installed Harvi on channel 1 & it worked for a 

while but again got CT code, I’ve now moved Harvi to channel 3 & appears to be ok.

anone else had problems with there Harvi/Zappi set up since Smart meter install?



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It’s very unlikely to have been the meter - it’s usually the other stuff messing up!

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Hey @Nixy1945 


One of our volunteers Blastoise186 has left some helpful advice here already, I just wanted to add it may also be worth contacting Zappi themselves about this too.


I’ve now moved Harvi to channel 3 & appears to be ok.



How has it been on channel 3? Is it still doing okay there?


No crashed again🙈 now moving Harvi out of smart meter box away from any interference. Will report back & let you know how it goes 👍


Update, removed the Harvi from the smart meter box & re located on outside wall in a waterproof box, connected the CT clamps (solar/grid)  to consumer unit, left it on channel 3 as this seems stable. So far so good haven’t had a problem since. Just don’t think the Harvi liked being near the smart meter.

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Hey @Nixy1945 


Thanks for popping back with that update.


I’m glad to hear things are working now it’s been moved, hopefully it stays that way.🙂🤞🏻

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It’s generally best to avoid placing anything within 1m of an electric/gas meter if you’re able to, unless it’s something that’s explicitly designed to be used with/alongside one.

It’s possible the combined EMI/RFI was too strong for the Harvi to handle with them both in such close proximity - this does NOT mean that they’re unsafe. It’s just like having two speakers right next to each other playing different things, which just makes a mess. And no, this doesn’t introduce more health risks either.

Sometimes certain things just don’t like being near each other!


A update from Myenergi:-

Firstly A bit of background for you in why this happening now, 
So before v5 the zappi didn't tell you about if it lost the grid it would just carry on regardless, so the smart regulation changed in May time last year so any Harvi connected that losing the signal of the grid has to now tell you, ( its frustrating for us as it is for you ) 
Because the Signal is Radio frequency then it sometimes can be effected by weather it can be effected mostly by how far away the harvi is. 

so if you have updated to the latest v5 software on your Zappi you may well find this is now happening.

hope it helps someone out 👍


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Hi @Nixy1945


Thanks for the update that is so helpful! Good to know they were able to share more about this with you.