My electricity meter reading has not changed from a month ago.

  • 1 September 2023
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We have unresolved smart meter issues (another story).  Recently we have been reporting gas and electricity meter readings to OVO by telephone.  Today (1st September) I checked the electricity meter (an EDMI ES-10A) to find that the reading was unchanged from the one I reported on the 31st July  and instead of “IMPRT” above the number on the meter screen there was just a capital A.   

I don’t know what is going on, could someone please enlighten me?


14 replies

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Hi @ChrisG ,

Could you take some snaps and post them for us? Makes it easier to see what you’re seeing. :)

Not a great picture but the best I can do.  The meter reading is 20889, the same as last time I looked a month ago.  Above and to the left is a capital “A” instead of IMPRT which I think it should read.  What does “A” signify?


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Does it respond at all if you press any buttons? If not, I’d say it’s a dead/bricked unit that’ll need to be replaced.

It’s not completely dead.  Left alone the display cycles through 3 screens: (1) the meter reading that used to be titled IMPRT. (2) another reading that used to be titled EXPRT (always zero as we don’t have solar panels) and (3) a cash value. I cant remember what that was called before, “paid” or “bill” or something like that.  Now all three readings are just titled “A”.

There are two buttons on the lower right of the meter.  Using the right one (labelled ok) makes the display cycle through “MESSAGE” → “BILLING” → “SECURITY” → “INFO”. I don’t understand the significance of these.  

I really want to know what “A” signifies.  


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I’m afraid I can’t tell you what the A means unfortunately. So far, I’ve not been able to locate a manual for that model.

It sounds like there could be a fault. Try .


Thanks anyway Blastoise.  

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IUsing the right one (labelled ok) makes the display cycle through “MESSAGE” → “BILLING” → “SECURITY” → “INFO”. I don’t understand the significance of these.  

I really want to know what “A” signifies.  


The manual explains what the menu items mean. It’s available here: EDMI_ES10A_Smart_Meter_Manual.pdf ( 

I couldn’t find anything in it about your mysterious ‘A’, though.

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Not that it helps necessarily but having enhanced the image, I think the top left indicator might be an ‘R’ rather than an ‘A’ 

That could mean that the display is somehow stuck in a particular menu screen. 
It’s definitely showing a reading of some sort as the kWh graphic is showing

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Just looking further at the manual for the meter, the push buttons are not just ‘push’ .. they also navigate through a menu structure. 


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Hey @ChrisG 


Did you manage to get to the bottom of this issue? And is the meter reading still the same?


If it’s still stuck on the same reading, it’ll be worth taking Blastoise186’s advice and having the team check if there are any issues with the meter and what they can do, check that out here:

I have not got to the bottom of this.  The meter reading is still the same. 

I sent a message to help@ovoenergy .com about this and about the smart meter problems we are having generally.  I got the standard response  “It looks like we may not be in communication with your meters…..  To help us determine the cause of this issue please could you perform the checks below: “  I say standard response  (I touched on this in my first post on this thread).  I have been here before, in January.  It took until May before the engineer came to fix the smart meter and it seems it still isn’t fixed.   At the end of June and July I submitted meter readings (for both electricity and gas) on the telephone and was resigned to this being the solution going forward.  Then on the 1st  of September I took the readings and found that the electricity meter had not changed from the value on the 31st July. 

When I sent the messageto  I wrote “ The issue that bothers me most is that the electricity meter is not showing the up to date IMPRT value.”  Despite this the reply I got failed to reference the meter reading not changing.  I am less than happy.

I will now try the link you gave me.

Thanks for your reply.


I tried the link.  It didn’t help.

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@ChrisG , looking at another forum it sounds like your ‘frozen’ display issue is being seen by others with the same meter. I also understand that your model cannot be updated (there has been an update process for older S1 smartmeters) and therefore probably should be replaced. I have no info where OVO are in this process. 

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S1 EDMI Meters won’t be upgraded, so you’re eligible to immediately book an upgrade to swap it out for S2. Try to use Live Chat for this.