How to stop communications about getting a smart meter? I don't want one!

  • 15 March 2024
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Contacted OVO do NOT call me, text or send letters about installing a Smart meter several times.

Asked for this information to be on data base NEVER to contact me again regarding this as i will NOT be having one installed until it is a LEGAL requirement.

Even after all this they still bully and harass me by telephone, texting and making appoinments i do NOT want.



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Hi @Cornell ,

I don’t work for OVO.

Before I can answer this one, I could do with seeing photos of your existing meter(s) first please. This may help me identify why you’re getting contacted and what your options are. However, I do want to manage your expectations by warning you upfront, that the answer I give may or may not be the one you want to hear depending on what I see in the photos.


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As there has been no response so far, I can only give general advice. To receive more accurate information, please post photos of your existing meter(s).

Long story short, you CANNOT totally 100% opt-out of Smart Meters forever. You can decline marketing, but if the meter develops a fault or reaches the end of service life, it must be replaced. Since there’s no Traditional Meters left these days, your only upgrade will, eventually, be to a Smart Meter.

Additionally, if your existing meter(s) have already reached end of service life, then Recertification is required and the supplier must take all reasonable steps in order to do so. The ONLY way to Recertify is by replacing the entire meter - there’s no option to simply rubber stamp the existing one or run a tool against it and the entire meter must be replaced with a new one that’s still got an active Certification.

If you still refuse to have an EoL meter replaced, you run the risk of calibration issues as the meter calibration will continue to deteriorate over time - and this will cause your bills to get messed up. Again, the only way to fix an inaccurate meter is to replace it - and this will be to Smart Meters.

I can calculate roughly how long you’ve got left on the current meters. But I need the Meter Serial Numbers in order to do so. Likewise, I can identify from meter photos whether there’s anything in particular that might be triggering OVO to reach out to you and what your options are. But I must warn you - it’s possible that if you have certain types of meter, you will have to replace it ASAP to keep your supply working as intended.

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Just to add onto what @Blastoise186 has already advised, there is the option to ‘opt out’ of marketing which should stop some of these communications via the online account or by contacting the support team. I’m sorry you’re still receiving communications on a regular basis. 


But there may be a reason you’re being contacted, it might be that your meter has reached it’s recertification period.