A guide on how to get Day / Night meter readings from a Honeywell AS302P S2 smart meter

  • 1 March 2021
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A guide on how to get Day / Night meter readings from a Honeywell AS302P S2 smart meter

Contrary to some statements I’ve read on the forum we had this Honeywell AS302P smart meter 2 installed by an OVO engineer and initially it worked very well, so I stopped my monthly monitoring of our energy usage.  Sadly a few months ago it stopped sending electric meter reading data to my Ovo account (the gas meter readings continued uninterrupted!).  So I was back to reading the meter and trying to submit these to OVO manually. 


The problem was to identify the sequence of button presses that will enable me to display and read the day/night readings.  Despite several searches of this forum I found no clear guidance, apart from “press the buttons”. 


With the help of the meter reader that Ovo eventually had to send, I have identified the sequence of button pushes and displays necessary to find and read the day/night electric readings.  I submit them here to help anyone else facing this issue.


Honeywell AS302P Smet2


From the default display, the button seqeunce is shown in the left column and the resulting display text elements in the right column. 

Its also important to note where the > is pointing in the display text:


Button                  Display   (where D= digit)                            

---                           Cum       Imp        R01

                                DDDDD                 kWh


Top                        >Supply



Bottom                 Supply



Bottom                 General



Bottom                 Boost



Top                        >Cumulative

                                Rates in Use


Bottom                 Cumulative

                                >Rates in Use


Bottom                 Rates in Use

                                >Rates 1-48


Top                        Imp        R1           Acc

                                DDDDD                 kWh


Bottom                 Imp        R2           Acc

                                DDDDD                 kWh


I hope this is helpful.

4 replies

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Heya @chafran !

Thanks for the tips! This is exactly the kind of thing that makes our lives easier too!

If you’ve got anything else, we’d love to hear it too. :hugging:

Thank you Blastoise.

It was what I needed to know at the time. If I come across anything else I will be happy to post on the forum. 

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Hi @chafran - thanks for posting. I sent you a PM but not sure you’ve seen it. 


Are you happy if I tweak this content a bit and make it into a tutorial guide? It will be here to help others...


Yes no problem. Whatever you feel it needs.