Smart meters SMETs1 or SMETs2?

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On your forum people are having issues with there smart meters one person was still having trouble with the smart meter after six months you have all ready acknowledged that and you are working with him to fix the problem six months is to long another one is getting a fourth smart meter installed in November because the other smart meters where rubbish there is loads more on your forum who are having issues with there smart meters.
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As I'm sure you can appreciate, @Ivor Appleyard, people tend to voice issues on a public platforms. You're right not all of the installations have gone perfectly, but the majority have.

We encourage people here on the forum to share experiences, it helps people to share knowledge and manage expectations. Hopefully the members that you've mentioned, with meter issues will be sorted sooner rather than later, we really are doing all we can to get things resolved as quickly as possible.

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Well I'm most likely the one you refer to who hasn't had operational SMETS2 meters since first installation six months ago.

But I responded to your observation on another Forum Topic, @Ivor Appleyard, where I mentioned that I had agreed with OVO for them to run a series of software tests on my SMETS2 meters.

My account is well in credit and neither OVO nor myself are feeling any urgency to cease the tests and revert to me finally having a fully-operational installation with the online usage-graphs working.

In fact I'm just about to add another piece of equipment-under-test to my Smart Meter set-up. So there's not much point getting all the data-streams sorted where they interface with OVO's Billing-software when the SMETS communications at my site might get disrupted all over again.

It's this on-site testing which helps OVO decide whether it really is installing a "rubbish meter" as you suggested, or whether it's something much more subtle, such as the order in which commissioning is undertaken.
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Hi @Ejclayton - well it certainly won’t be the current SMETS2 variety. So if it’s definitely “smart” (as opposed to “digital”) then it will be a SMETS1.

Is anyone even fitting smet 1 meters theses days ? 

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Awaiting smart meter install; will it enabled for off peak loads on my account No above?

I want to charge my ecar between 1am-5am (7kW)


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Welcome to the Forum @0415

This is an interesting question because it doesn’t have a straight yes/no answer!

Smart Meters have a wide range of capabilities inbuilt into them, few of which are currently used. Those that I have investigated all seem to support at least four different preset charge bands.

However it is a function of your chosen tariff which dictates whether these charge bands are used. As far as I know, OVO currently offer just one tariff that makes use of an alternative charge band. Unsurprisingly it’s the one we call Economy-7, which provides a lower price for all use between midnight and 7am.

Contrarywise, those customers who opt for an OVO Economy-7 tariff will pay an increased rate for electricity usage outside of those times (ie higher than customers on a standard tariff). So whether it is viable for you comes down to what proportion of your energy consumption is required outside the Economy-7 slot.


All of this strategy for charge bands is currently being superseded by  half-hour variable tariff structures, sometimes called Time Of Use tariff.

This allows customers to draw energy at much reduced rates when it is in plentiful supply, for example from wind turbine arrays, but increases prices for usage when there is peak demand and little renewable generation available.

The Government’s name for this is Demand Side Response.