Why is my Solis solar Inverter drawing energy from the grid?

  • 5 July 2022
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Hey everyone,


I need some help and advice.  My Solis Inverter still draws minimal energy from the grid even though my solar panels are generating enough energy for use and storage.  The problem is that this minimal amounts are costing me almost £1 a day, around £30 a month.


Is there anyone of fixing this issue? Solis says there is nothing that can be done at the moment but have raised a ticket that has not been allocated to anyone.  Would this be the same issue with all inverters?



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5 replies

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Good question this, @Mbu1982 - great to see your green tech in the home: solar and storage!


We do have forum members with solar panels and I’d like to see if anyone has any suggestions to check for this. 


@EverythingNeedsAUserName and @PeterR1947 are often happy to have a look at these solar ones. I hope they don’t mind me tagging them in this one. 


There’s also a similar thread from @dnshorto here:



My trump cards are the new-to-solar @Jequinlan and the smart home guru @ArundaleP. As a group if we can’t advise you of a next step, I don’t know who can!

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Hi @Mbu1982 


Welcome and I hope below answers your question:


Yes the PV systems all draw (at times) an amount from the grid.


I have been monitoring mine for weeks and can confirm there are times there is :


A) a trickle from the grid, a cloud can drop PV suddenly and if charging a battery the grid may step up while the battery charge is adjusted

B) a trickle TO the grid, this happens most when PV panels suddenly gain more sun, or when battery is charged.

C) when the battery falls to 4% on my system the trickle to the grid is used to maintain the management of the PV system.


Pretty sure the net benefit of solar far exceeds this gain/loss scenario but it appears to be just the way it is.

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Here is my current state and a small flow is going TO the grid...

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Interesting!  I don’t have a battery as such although my Leaf is connected in V2G & V2H mode.  Like any other permanently connected device the inverter takes a certain amount of electricity whether on or off, however, when I’m generating more than the house is using, I take 0kW from the grid.  I would make a big noise with Solis, it doesn’t make sense at all.


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Thanks for the responses @Jequinlan @Tim_OVO @PeterR1947 I tend to agree with Peter, in this day an age the switch between should be instant.  When I am generating enough energy or have a battery over 20% I do not expect to have any energy to be drawn from the grid.  Does this happen with all inverters?