Just a newbie introducing himself, his Nissan Leaf EV and on-street EV charging solution!

  • 30 July 2018
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Hi, I’m Jon

I live in Whitstable, Kent

I live in a terrace house with a small front garden and I have installed a 3Kw solar voltaic system that is connected to the grid. I own a Nissan Leaf


I was refused a dropped kerb and vehicle crossing because my front garden was 200mm too short...
so I applied to the local authority for an on street charge point which they refused on the grounds that my street was too narrow... I now charge my car at home by parking outside whenever I can and running a cable across the pavement through some proprietary heavy duty rubber cable trunking

I have been lobbying the council because the majority of Whitstable has narrow streets and on street parking and there will need to be a charging infrastructure in the town for the future.... My nearest public charging point is 10miles from my house...
I may not be eligible for a vehicle to grid pilot scheme because I have no off street parking but I represent a large proportion of the population in the UK and solutions have to be found for our EV charging infrastructure because the demand is there....

9 replies

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A very, very warm welcome to the OVO Forum, and of course OVO Energy if you have just joined, it's great to have you here! :)

It's certainly proving to be a challenge of our times charging an electric vehicle - especially if you have no driveway or garage as you point out, but this will be become yesterday's problem in the future as with everything, where there is a demand :)

Once again - great to have you with us, friendly bunch on here so please do get stuck in with the conversation,

We're always here to help.

Best wishes,

Bumblebee 🙂
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Thanks.... I love a good community
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Just to echo @Bumblebee welcome @Brummiejon!!

Great to have another EV owner on board and thanks for sharing your experiences so far with owning and charging. Definitely a theme forming around the charging network needing to keep pace with adoption!!

Have you seen this article yet??


Please keep sharing your thoughts and views and life living with an EV, its super helpful and we love hearing about it!

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Hey Brummiejon,

Welcome to the Forum! 🙂 I hope by the name you are from Birmingham? If so, Hello neighbour! Yam yam here (Black country) How yow doin? If you are having trouble charging your Leaf and are in Ashford, you are more than welcome to use my 7Kw Charging point! 🙂 Just give me a heads up and I'll get the kettle on. I love the Leaf in Red, good choice. I made the worst mistake on got mine in Black 😞 Hard to keep clean but when it's clean, it looks lovely.

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Thanks Matt.... To be fair, I got the Leaf in red because it was the cheapest, I’m on a real budget... I’m actually a BrumYam... Born in Birmingham and brought up in Walsall.... anyhow, I’m gooin alroite ar kid.... I’m always up for a kipper tie...
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Thanks Matt.... To be fair, I got the Leaf in red because it was the cheapest, I’m on a real budget... I’m actually a BrumYam... Born in Birmingham and brought up in Walsall.... anyhow, I’m gooin alroite ar kid.... I’m always up for a kipper tie...

No worries, just give me a heads up and you can use it whenever 🙂 oh no! Not a brumyam! That’s the worse kind haha 😛 only joking dude, born in Wolverhampton and scattered round great wyrley, Walsall, pelsall haha
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Congrats on finding a creative solution despite all the challenges you faced!

Hi Jon, nice post and pics… I am considering getting an EV and this is the one reason that I may not. I live in Herne Bay actually so interesting to hear about your council conversations and have you had any issues with that matt and cable from the general public?

I know a company that install charging points and wonder if there is some chat we could have with the council to promote more charge points in both our areas? Just an idea. 

Kindest Regards, John.

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Hi @jonyhyde. Someone else on this Forum provided a useful link to the official guidance for charging EVs on the highway as issued by Southampton Council.

I’m becoming aware of an increasing battle between companies to place their charge-points into areas. This effectively locks in those residents that scheme forever. I feel this is generally a poor strategy.

It also prevents the consumer from choosing the sources of that electricity. Quite reasonably, many people would prefer to charge their vehicles on renewable energy rather than that produced from fossil fuels.

There are other solutions becoming available and this needs concerted effort by the members of the Local Government Association to find the best way forward for us, the populations they serve.