How can I arrange paying for TADO smart thermostat in instalments via my OVO online account?


I have an offer on my ovo account for a Tado smart meter for £120 which can be paid up front or in interest free instalments. However, when I go to pay it doesn't give the option for instalments. Has anyone managed to take up this offer and paid in instalments? I have emailed ovo a couple of weeks ago and had no reply.

Thanks in advance :)



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Welcome @Natasha11 !

I think most of the forum volunteers like myself are probably going to struggle with this one, so I’ve gone ahead and asked @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO for help.

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Yep thanks for flagging this, @Natasha11 


I’ve asked the team that looks after this Tado offer online to take a look. I’ll be back here with an update when I have one!

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Back here with an update as promised. I’ve been advised that:


All customers can make a one-off card payment for their Tado smart thermostat, and some customers will also be given the option to spread the cost over a 12-month period and have it added to their monthly energy bill. Eligibility for monthly payments include:

  • Must have an existing Direct Debit set up
  • Must have 3+ months left on a fixed rate gas contract
  • Predicted End of Contract Balance must be >£50

If you’re on our variable plan Simpler Energy, it will also not show as an option. 


Does any of those criteria identity your account, @Natasha11?

Thanks so much Tim, it now makes sense as I am on a variable rate so wouldn't be eligible.

Thanks for your help,