Charge Anytime - Failed to Charge!

  • 15 March 2023
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I have had Charge Anytime for a few weeks now, and other than an issue with Ovo displaying incorrect monthly £/kWh totals, it has been working great, until now!

Plugged in yesterday evening around 6pm, unplugged this morning to find it had not charged at all. Looking in the Ohme app it shows it was plugged in for the duration, but zero charging took place - which has caused a bit of an issue travelling today 😠

The schedule on the Ohme is set to smart charge to 100% by 7am, and has worked perfectly until now. Why did it not charge? Did Kaluza determine that there was no ‘green’ time to do it, so just did nothing? This is very concerning and raises serious questions about the smart charging concept going forward.  


3 replies

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That’s concerning


Hi, That’s happened to us mid week as well, we have an Indra smart pro charger. 
the wife just had enough charge to get her to work and back. I turned charger off at fuse box for 5 mins thinking it was the charger. I think it was Tuesday or Wednesday.

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Hi @simong @am84 thanks for flagging this. 


The reason your EV didn’t charge was not because there wasn't enough ‘green’ energy on the grid. Charge Anytime should always prioritise fully charging the vehicle for the ready-by time.


For this reason, please email the OVO Smart Home team from your registered email address so they can look into what happened: