Why am I still getting charged for gas? - My faulty gas meter was removed!

  • 19 March 2022
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Hi for the last two months I have been getting billed for gas I could not have used as I no longer have a gas meter, how do I go about having this extra charge removed from my bill.


I have tried contacting ovo several times of the last couple of months due to errors in ym bill but have heard nothing from them, it took 3 months for them to accept that my meters are faulty and agree to replace them.


this error is costing my at least 40 pounds per month just now in gas charges and my electrictiy chrages range from 92p to over 10 pounds per day, this i kind of expect as I am all electric including my heating, however i have been charged 10 pounds on two sepecrate days this week when i was not in my home to use energy and my heating is manuel controlled by myself.


this is becoming more and more distressing I am not looking forward to see what they will be charging me next month.


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Hi @hillfort, I’ve replied to your other comment on the same issue, here. I can see that topic is actually specifically about customers moving over from SSE. So I’ll copy the relevant bits of my comment below so this question has its own space:


I’m happy to help as best as I can here but it sounds like you’ll need a member of our Support team to take a look at your actual account…


If you had your gas meter tested for a fault, the meter is always replaced and taken off site for testing. A new meter is fitted. The charges are then re-calculated based on the degree to which the meter is faulty. Is this what happened in your case?


This really isn’t good to hear about those gas charges after the meter was capped. As you mention, if you have a gas supply to the house (even if it’s capped), you’ll pay a standing charge. It costs £106 to remove your meter and disconnect your supply. More info here:



It sounds like the billing platform hasn’t been updated to show this meter is capped. So it will be estimating usage based on your annual projection, based on years of usage history. Please speak to our Support team to get this flagged. Call, online chat options are available.


Any charges that have been incorrectly estimated will be removed from your account if we’re made aware of the supply being capped. 


We’ve recently made some great online resources to help members with price cap rises. See this page here for more info on that. For lots of advice and support with your energy payments, go here


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If you have a negative balance of more than £150 and you’re unable to pay your energy bill, you might qualify for a one-off payment from our OVO Energy Fund.