Which email address should I send my 'Power of Attorney' document to?

  • 25 March 2022
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Can anybody fill in the spaces for customerservice.adim.


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Hi @GA1855 ,

I’m afraid that doesn’t sound like a valid one, even with the blanks. For almost all purposes, you’ll want to use . In case it helps, here’s the full list of publicly accessible email addresses OVO has that I know of as a forum volunteer:

Probably also a few more that I might have forgotten. If I remember any others, I’ll update this comment with them.

I can’t give you direct email addresses for individual employees, sorry.

I was given over the phone by a customer adviser from ovo but i cant remember the spaces

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I’m afraid it’s kinda tricky, because you’re asking for someone here to solve a crossword puzzle, without any clues as to what the answer is. The best recommendation I can make, would be to email and ask for the email you send to be linked to an existing case (assuming one exists). The Support Team should be able to see the record of that call and take it from there.

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Hi @GA1855 and welcome to the OVO online community,


Sounds like the email address you’re after is Whilst the regular email inbox will reach the Support Team, in cases where certain documents need to be added to an account (such as Power of Attorney documents) these should be emailed directly to our admin team.


I hope this helps solve the puzzle. 😊