On site jobs by OVO engineers and how much they cost - DIY tutorial series

  • 5 October 2020
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On site jobs by OVO engineers and how much they cost - DIY tutorial series
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Engineer job costings - your guide


Here’s your guide on jobs our engineers can do, and how much they cost. If you’re not sure what work is done by who, see this guide on who owns what for gas and electricity supplies. Here’s a topic which lists other work our engineers do. 


The best way to book in a job that an OVO engineer needs to do, with via our Support team, usually over the phone: 0330 303 5063. They’re taking calls from 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. 


Please note: Costs for 3-phase meters are in brackets if different from single phase. 

Prices below include VAT and are subject to change:


Job Type Cost
Site survey (non-technical)* £106 or Free, see below
Site survey (technical)** £106 or Free, see below
Faulty/damaged meter exchange (MEX) Free
Meter removal £106 (£325)
MEX due to functionality change £106 (£325)
MEX due to re-certification Free
Check PME Earthing - Live/Dead test £106 (£325)
Fit isolation switch (also called a 'Double pole isolator') £158.25 (£325)
£52.25 if alongside another job (not SMEX)
Meter reposition £125 (£325)
Meter accuracy test £149 (£325)
De-energisation / re-energisation (if both required, it’s recommended to get an isolation switch installed) £106 (£325)
Install new meter (where we supply the that property already) £106 (£325)
Upgrade / downgrade from single phase to 3-phase £325


Job Type Cost
Faulty/damaged MEX Free
Meter removal (cost applies even if meter has been disconnected from pipework) £106
MEX due to functionality change £106
MEX due to re-cert Free
Meter reposition (if transporter can’t do this) £145
OFMAT (meter accuracy)  £157
Fit security bracket Free
Install new meter (where we supply that property) £106
MEX from U6 to U16 Free, with National Grid. May require site survey which you would pay for.
Emergency jobs
£130 (only applies in specific situations - to be discussed with our Support team)


Missed appointment fee


*Site Survey (non-technical): This is for meter details, for instance a fuse finder would be booked under this.

**Site Survey (technical): This covers sealing meters, reconnecting meter tails, meter tail upgrades and assessments for any non-standard work.






Do we make money from charging for maintenance/Siteworks jobs?

No, we don't make money from Siteworks jobs. We cover the cost of non-chargeable work and the costs for chargeable work are passed on directly to you. The charges for work vary according to who does the work as well as what the job is. We charge all customers a uniform cost despite this, leveling out the charges as much as possible to reduce higher charges.


Why do we charge for maintenance appointments?

Siteworks appointments are chargeable jobs because OVO is only responsible for the maintenance of the meter. If you require siteworks appointments that aren't a result of a faulty meter, we cannot absorb the cost of the work.


Why have the prices gone up since Lowri Beck completed the work?

Our prices had been fixed for years and not reflective of industry changes. We switched providers for all maintenance works and, in line with this, reviewed our charges.


And that’s it for our guide on site work jobs and costs. Have we missed anything? Let us know as a comment below….

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