Meter is economy 7 with 3 sets of readings - how do I give a reading via my online account?

  • 14 December 2017
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I have a digital economy 7 meter I had to give my old supplier 3 readings, I press a red button and I get the 1st, press it again I get the second press it again I get the third which is the total of readings one and two however it doesn’t say what readings one and two are and which one is the economy 7 reading and I can’t find anywhere on ovo where to enter them


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9 replies

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Great work on taking your Economy 7 meter readings already - if you’ve got a Smart meter you can find out how to take these readings here.

Your meter may show you 3 readings - one will be your day reading, one your night reading and the final reading is a total reading. We’ll only need to take the day and night readings.

You can submit both readings on your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).  Check out the guide below for full run-through of this process:




If you’re unsure which reading is which on a traditional meter sometimes the readings will be labelled - high and low or day and night - if not you might be able to check the current reading against your reading history on the ‘Meter Readings’ page of your online account.

If you can’t work it out using these methods the best way to tell is to carry out a Load Test​. This involves taking two sets of readings during your peak hours - only one reading should change which will be your daytime register. 


If you’re still having difficulty figuring this out - or can’t see a place to submit these on your online account, reach out to the Support Team who can look into this for you.


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My digital display meter has three readings. We have Economy 7.
Which do I send to OVO online?
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My digital display meter has three readings. We have Economy 7.
Which do I send to OVO online?

See the main thread @Smeliot - in general you'll have a night, day, and total reading!

We love a good meter pic, so feel free to share in case it's the same as @Aud306

I have recently moved into a house that has an economy 10 meter supplied by EON and would like to change to a cheaper tariff but keep being told that other suppliers won’t accept my current meter. Would OVO allow me to join on an Economy 7 tariff but using my readings from my current meter? Or do they offer an Economy 10 tariff? Thanks very much in advance.

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I’ve moved your query over here, @Katinka. We don’t offer Economy 10 tariffs, but you can sign up to us on an Economy 7 tariff. The best answer above will explain how we’ll calculate your usage using the readings! :)

Thanks so much @Eva_OVO. I have a generation 1 Economy 10 meter. Will I just be able to move straight over to Ovo (on an Economy 7 tariff) without changing my meter? Other suppliers have said that this meter is not compatible with their Economy 7 tariff and it would need to be removed and replaced at a significant cost to me. Thanks very much in advance. 

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Yes you can, @Katinka, we won’t need to change the meter. You’ll still get your 10 off peak hours but at the same rate. You can sign up here

for a while now i am unable to enter my day and night readings on my phone app, the app says the readings are too low, clearly this is incorrect. the main website only accepts one reading, so i’m not sure if it’s correct any more. this is obviously getting very stressful, as i haven’t had my first proper bill since the price hikes.


any one getting the same issues?, i’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, tried the scan function, all to no avail, and getting hold of an agent is like finding gold at the end of a rainbow!

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Hi @sunshine ,

Whoops… That’s not right. I’m Blastoise186 by the way and I’m one of the forum regulars here. :)

In common with most of the UK, OVO’s office was closed on Thursday and Friday due to the double bank holiday for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, but it will re-open on Monday as usual.

It sounds to me as if there might actually be an account-specific issue on your account, rather than a bug with the app. The fastest way to reach an agent in this case would be to use the Message Us button at . It’s almost always faster than waiting on the phones and the average response time is under 90 seconds!

Hope this helps. If you still get stuck, feel free to reply to this thread again.