I've got a 2 phase setup with 2 economy 7 meters fitted - How can I enter the meter readings as one night reading never changes?

  • 13 November 2021
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My elderly parents have a 2-phase system with 2 economy 7 meters fitted.

Phase 1 bills both day & night units and phase 2 bills night units only.

I cannot get OVO to understand that the day units on phase 2 will always read 1 because this is a night only meter.

When I provide meter readings they are rejected because the system is expecting a value greater than 1 on the day reading.

OVO sent a meter reader earlier in the year and he did not understand that the reading was only 1.

I have tried without success to get OVO to understand and act upon this difficulty and so I am hoping that members of this forum may be able to give me some advice.


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6 replies

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Howdy @lob184 !

Yup, we can definitely try to figure this out, you came to the right place. Please could you post some photos of your meters, as this really helps us to understand how everything has been set up and provides a lot more context to work with.


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Also… @Lukepeniket_OVO I think I might need your input on this one.

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Sounds like you might have a pretty complex set-up and I’m not sure whether that non-moving reading might indicate a faulty meter.


If you’re having trouble submitting any readings on your online account or OVO app this is worth raising to our Support Team who can register the readings for you. If one of your readings isn’t changing it might also be worth considering a smart meter upgrade which might solve this unused register issue.


Let us know if you’ve been in touch with the team or need any more advice - We’re always happy to help here where we can. :slight_smile:



Please see attached photographs.




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What do reckon then, @Blastoise186?


If you haven’t already, it might be worth contacting our Support Team to double-check there’s no fault indicated by the red LED showing in the bottom photos there, @lob184


Either way we’d highly recommend looking into upgrading the 2 separate meters for a single Economy 7 smart meter which we now offer as a 5-port meter. These are compatible with storage heaters and other off-peak appliances that were originally operated on a separate meter.


Let us know if you need any more advice on how to go about requesting that upgrade! :thumbsup:

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Ah yes, these are examples of those old Ampy meters from 2005, prior to L+G buying them out.

I’d agree that it seems strange one of the meters is showing an index of 00001 and a red LED, so this is almost certainly a fault unless it’s a coincidence that it was blinking at the exact moment the photos were taken. What I also find a bit strange… Is why two different meter models? You’ve got an Ampy 5235D-N from 2007 and an Amply 5196D from 2005, which is somewhat unusual. The latter is the one that appears to be “dead”, especially as it doesn’t seem to show Rate 1 properly.

Given that both of them are basically at least 15 years old at this point - give or take a few months - they’re probably due for re-certification anyway, which would involve replacing the meters. It shouldn’t be too tricky, except for the fact that it might be a fun experience for the lucky engineer who gets that job. :wink: