How to view your usage data on the OVO app

  • 1 May 2020
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How to view your usage data on the OVO app
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Updated on 15/02/24 by Abby_OVO


Recently had a smart meter installed and want to see how much energy you’ve been using? As well as your In-Home Display you can also view this important info on the OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


Here’s a little guide to getting the most out of your smart meter usage information.


Step 1


From the homepage, click on the ‘Usage’ section at the bottom of the page


Exact image may vary


You should see tabs at the top of the usage page, where you can choose to view usage graphs in Year, Month, Week or Day view.


Year view


Here you’ll be greeted with a graph displaying how much has been used this year, separated in to months,


Exact image may vary


Month view


Similar to the yearly usage, this option shows you a graph with every day of the month, and how much you’ve used on each



You can also choose to view your monthly usage as either kWh or £s by using the slider as highlighted in the below picture.


Exact image may vary


Day view


You can also view daily usage, which will show how much you’ve used each half-hour if you’ve got half-hourly meter readings scheduled.


Exact image may vary


For the purposes of this tutorial, I’ve only shown the totals for an account with both gas and electricity. It all functions exactly the same, so if you want to view the breakdown per fuel, just select from the top which one you’d like to access.


Exact image may vary depending on your own fuel types


There’s also OVO Greenlight, which gives you further insight into what you’re using, and tips on how to lower your usage. As this is a brand new feature, we created a separate article to explain it here.

We’ve also got another topic all about viewing your statements here.

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