Haven't downloaded the OVO App yet? Here's why you should...

  • 11 May 2021
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Haven't downloaded the OVO App yet? Here's why you should...
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Download the OVO app for Android or iOS

3 reasons to download the OVO app today


From checking your bank account to ordering your weekly shop, our phones have become the hub of our weekly tasks. So why should managing your energy account be any different? Download the OVO app (Android or iOS)  today and control your energy on the go, anytime, anywhere…


Send us your meter readings


Make sure your account is up-to-date by popping in your monthly meter readings, or you can even book a smart meter appointment here to avoid having to do this in future!


See your latest energy bills


Check your up-to-date balance and scroll to see how this month compares. With all your previous monthly summaries available to download, you can keep track of your energy costs wherever you are.


Control your Direct Debit


With an in-built Direct Debit calculator, work out the best amount to pay and adjust you direct debit whilst on the move - couldn’t be easier!


Already an App pro or just downloaded? What do you like most about it or what would you like to see added? Let us know in the comments below!

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Well, for me I guess you could say that the best “feature” in the app is that I can bug hunt on the go and smash up MyOVO from just about anywhere! :stuck_out_tongue::rofl::innocent:

Aside from that one, which I guess doesn’t technically count… The fact I can do Biometric Login is pretty cool, since I can login quickly without fiddling with my 2048 character password. :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually have a pretty cool idea as well. But in my quest for extra points I don’t think I want to share it here… :)