Have you got the OVO Energy app?

Have you got the OVO Energy app?
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Updated on 18/10/23 by Abby_OVO - Download the OVO app for Android or iOS


In the age of smartphones and tablets, it’s often more convenient to grab your phone than it is to pull out your laptop.


If you like to keep your OVO account up-to-date on the go, the OVO Energy app is also much easier to use on mobile than the mobile version of MyOVO. Here’s some of my own tips and advice to help you get started.


What can I do with the app?


Pop meter readings in, check the balance, top-up your account balance, see your usage… Quite a lot really. Pretty much the only major things you can’t do within the app are changing your tariff or contacting someone for help. And blasting the giant boulder of doom that’s chasing after you… OVO’s still figuring that last one out… :smile:


How soon can I use the app after signing up?


Although you can login as soon as you’ve got your account in MyOVO, the app works best once you’re on supply with OVO. Check back soon if you’re still switching!


How do I login?


Easy! The same login details for MyOVO also work for the app. Plus, fingerprint login makes things even easier next time.


Is the app secure?


Yup. As long as you keep the app updated, make sure your device is up-to-date and take the usual measures. The app is just as safe and secure as the website, but it also has the bonus of things like super speedy fingerprint login.


If it wasn’t secure, I’d probably already be telling OVO about it. :wink:


But the app isn’t working for me?!?! What now?


That’s where I come in! This forum is an ideal place for getting help with these things, and expert bug hunters like me can often help figure out what’s going on. Feel free to post a new thread and we’ll see what we can do. But please remember that leaving reviews on the App Store and Google Play alone does not help to get those pesky critters squashed!


I don’t have the app yet. Is it worth it?


As I’ve often said, you won’t know until you try! You’ll find it over here for iOS and over here for Android. If you’ve got any new ideas, we’d love you to share them on the forums too!


I’ve got something else like a Kindle Fire or Huawei phone. Can I get the app?


Sorry! No can do there. :worried: The app is not available for Huawei or Kindle Fire devices. You need a device that has access to the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to get the app. But you might still be able to get MyOVO to work.


How would my ideas and bug reports get to OVO if I report them here?


Magic and wizardry! This forum is watched over by volunteers like myself! But my joker card also comes into play here… Quite literally… For those times when great bug reports and ideas come in, that’s where I play my joker and summon @Tim_OVO . The Forum Moderators can help out there too. :innocent:

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the app does not work..as soon as i put login details in and click next, it takes me straight back to login page….the website is useless, there’s no menu only where to get the app that doesn’t work….thousands of complaints since they took over SSE...i’m switching… thanks but no thanks

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the app does not work..as soon as i put login details in and click next, it takes me straight back to login page….the website is useless, there’s no menu only where to get the app that doesn’t work….thousands of complaints since they took over SSE...i’m switching… thanks but no thanks

Hi @malaboo i don't work for OVO. I am just a customer like you.

I am not sure if you are asking for help or simply telling us you are already in the process of switching.

Anyway, other customers are here to offer any help and suggestions we can. Feel free to ask if it would be useful. 




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Hey @malaboo,


It sounds like your account is still in the process of migrating, once it is fully migrated you’ll be sent a Welcome Pack and new account number.


You’ll then be able to log into the website and access the App. 

i already had my welcome letter and account number...i sorted the problem myself...ovo are just downright ignorant

Can more than one person in the family use the OVO app on their own phones ?

  • Sheepdip My answer would be yes. Download the OVO app and enter the same login details.

  • My wife has it on her phone.

Thank you for that- very helpfull

how is it possible to monitor the energy level? is there any platform?

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If you’re thinking about the feed from a smart meter you could use one of the data feeds from various third parties. 

Of course there is a general usage report available from the OVO account 


Finally after many months I'm finally able to see how much energy I'm using but sadly this is the most complicated energy app I've ever used still don't know what my daily usage is coz I'm not sure if the other charges are included in this coz I've seen something saying this doesn't include other charges, absolute minefield. End of the day I just want it to be plain and simple like the SSE app was.

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Hi @Stevie1827 most of the info shown excludes things like standing charges and vat. 
Which particular part are you looking at? Can you post a screenshot at all?

I'm saying the qpp is so complicated the SSE app was so much easier to use.

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I'm saying the qpp is so complicated the SSE app was so much easier to use.

Yes, I got that. I just wondered which part you were referring to. I actually find it very useful once you figure out how to use it

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Sorry you’re finding the App confusing, 


We have a Tutorial Collection here on the Forum which you might find useful, it explains in detail everything from viewing usage to billing and charges:



Hope this helps. 

For months and months now I have received this whenever I log onto the Ovo App. 
Now that there doesn’t appear to be any website access until the “End of 2023” either (see picture below), can anyone please help me with finding out where I can download an app (for my iPhone X) that works?


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Hey @TheBionicGolfer,


Sorry for the issues you're having, 


It looks like your account is being migrated from our old billing system to our new billing system. While this happens, unfortunately, you won’t have online account access, but your bills will be sent via pdf in your emails. 

Thanks for the reply Emmannuelle. 

please can you advise me how long this process is supposed to take? I have not been able to access the app for perhaps a year?   Maybe longer. 
I’m fairly sure that it shouldn’t take as long as this. 



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Hi @TheBionicGolfer,


You will have access to the OVO app and online account later this year. There’s a chance it will take most of the remaining year, but also it may take much less time. The reason we can’t be more specific is because we don’t know the specifics that meant that you weren’t able to be moved over to OVO’s shiny new online account sooner. We’re working flat out to build the functionality to cater for everyone left. 


In the meantime you’ll be sent your bill every month via email. If you have a smart meter, you’ll also have access to free third party apps to see your usage in detail. More info here:




thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I am not at all happy with what you had to say. I don’t find it acceptable that I will have no online access to any information about my account until some unknown time, without any reason other than “we don’t know”. 
I have a smart meter that was installed by SSE 4+ years ago that is malfunctioning badly. Either that, or I really do have a serious issue with my meter. It will be showing as green one moment and then, without anything else in the place being turned on, including ‘hidden’ things like heating and hot water etc which I have checked, it will turn to red. Then after a few minutes it will go back to green and carry on that cycle. I am seriously worried about whether or not my meter is faulty and this would certainly explain why my electricity charges are so high when I live in a small flat by myself and make a point of switching anything not in use off at the walls. 

Please would you advise me on who I should contact about these issues? Preferably with a contact number that will allow me to bypass any lengthy call queues.


thank you 


Rich White

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Hey @TheBionicGolfer 

Sorry to hear you’ve not had online access for some time now, I do understand how frustrating it must be.


There can be a number of reasons why your usage may seem high, it may be that we aren’t communicating with the smart meters, but I would recommend taking a look at the following pages as these may help you identify any problems with the meters: 



It does sound like you may be talking about the In-Home Display (the small plug in device) and this doesn’t affect the billing, as the readings come from the meters themselves.


Regarding contacting our Support Team as you mentioned, the best way to contact them would be through their webchat or WhatsApp. Our Support team’s web messaging and WhatsApp opening hours will be:

  • 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday 
  • 9am - 2pm on Saturdays

You can see all open contact channels via our Help Centre

Thank you Abby, I will take a read of those links and then try and contact someone after the long weekend. 

I hope you have a good long weekend. 


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Hey  @TheBionicGolfer

Thanks,  I hope you’ve had a good weekend too!

Hopefully you can get the usage query cleared up this week.



Hello I am a new OVO customer who is extremely disappointed to find that the OVO app is currently unavailable in the Australian Apple App Store. Every energy provider I’ve used in the past has an app and it’s essential for me to track energy use in our home. Does OVO have plans to rectify this? 

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Hi @Beyondtool ,

Unfortunately we can’t answer that here. This forum is for OVO UK and is patrolled by volunteers. OVO AU doesn’t monitor this forum. While a forum volunteer like myself can sometimes answer OVO AU related questions, we do not have full knowledge of how things work down under I’m afraid.

The OVO Energy app that currently exists on Google Play/App Store is also designed for use only with OVO UK and for this reason, it’s restricted to the UK app stores because there’d be no use for it elsewhere.

I’d recommend you contact OVO AU directly via https://ovoenergy.com.au .

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Reopening an old thread rather than opening a new one , I am still waiting for the account update, it’s been nearly a rear now with virtually no information other than email invoices in arrears and screen notes that the account is being updated 


I can’t believe I have stuck with you for so long , been with OVO for 10 years and feel the treatment of older accounts is appalling , how can it take months to transfer to a new system 


I will definitely move if not fixed by January this situation is now farcical