New IHD showing high levels of usage - is this right?

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☺ me a meter-fitter, eh?

Sorry, no @Tufty71 . I don't work in the energy industry. @tony1tf and I have met when visiting OVO at the beginning of June. And he will probably recall that I work as a builder/designer.
Ahhh you're the brains, 😁.
As far as commissioning its possible, maybe not as far how OvO fit Smart but it definitely can be done 😉
Thanks for that update @Mja. The LED flash sequence is what I expected... unfortunately.

From my viewpoint, it's a pity there isn't an LED indicator which specifically reports the status of communication with the SMETS2 Electricity Meter
below the Communications Hub

. I can understand why it's omitted because the two units are physically interconnected via the ICHI (Intimate Communications Hub Interface).

It's going to be even more tricky to diagnose problems with SMETS2 meters
in the Northern territory. Those Comms Hubs

have only two LED indicators, either of which can flash green or red. I'll try and build a similar "Customer Guide" for those too.

The meters in the North and central North do indeed carry the Same communication hub, and yes its a two light system on the hub, han and wan, if it's red it will be solid and you have a problem🙄 but the green lights you see flash at varying rates dependant on state of connection etc so that can tell you all you need to know, as long as you know what they mean 😁
What's also worth noting as well, is the ihd may not reset itself. Once commissioned on the secure (smets 1) meter set up, it would auto turn off and immediately back on to reset, on the smets 2 set up, the ihd needs manually turning off and on.... So even though the meters might have been commissioned in that period of time after an engineer has been, you probably will have to do a manual reset (on/off) for you to get proper recorded energy consumption on your in house display
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I don't follow that @Tufty71 🤔

Which previous post are you referring to when you say that it's worth noting as well?
As well as what...?

I can't find anything on this Topic where anyone was discussing an IHD failing to pick up data that was being (correctly) transmitted across the HAN.

If the meters are communicating with the Comms Hub, then that's the source of data which gets sent to the IHD.

I've received several code updates sent to my SMETS2 Comms Hub in the last 5 weeks. These have changed the values which are displayed on the Chameleon IHD. However, the process occurs without intervention. There's no reset required.

How could an IHD be picking up an earlier set of data such that it required resetting in order to now get it correct?
Seem to have a follower 😂
I will be plain, I fit Smart meters and come across all that that entails, I'm not claiming to be a professor of Smart meter workings, I give what I know, have experienced, and others have passed on in my field, and I work with some top engineers.
I've read back what I wrote and it seems quite easy to follow I think,....any advice or help I try to give on here is in good faith. In this instance it relates to some of the problems ovo customers have been encountering with ihds.... Maybe.... Its something I added to the conversation because a manual reset is required on the ihds we install, and funnily enough are the same as ovos
Smart meter installed yesterday, was told about all the virtues of tracking real time usage and costs being displayed based on my actual tariff.

Looking at the IHD its reporting that in the middle of summer (so no heating) on a day where the only gas usage was the boiler heating the hot water cylinder for less than an hour - which has cost nearly £9.

Just seems totally inaccurate. It’s worrying because I now don’t know what to expect on my bills.

My typical usage for total usage in summer (may to sept) for both fuels is c.£2 per day
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Nothing useful so far but I see others are also experiencing incorrect tariffs in their In-House Displays.

My usage recorded by the IHD appears correct - just the money amount is out by a factor of 10.
There seems to be a massive silly bug in IHD units being supplied with 2nd gen SMETS2 smart meter installs. Even with the right tariff and kwh readings it fails at doing the basic maths to calculate the the cost.

Watch this space.

For now, our one is just turned off until there's some kind of official announcement about how they're going to fix this daft bug.

I've moved your post here, @Revstar, see the above best answer and the large thread for more info!

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Hi @Revstar - the actual message you need to jump to in this (long) Topic is my one here. Then read the rest if you still want to!
mt smart meter installer showed me how to read the current reading on the ihd the reading on the display is vastly different to the smart reads shown on my account which show 00000 as of yesterday (18/9 with no read taken today 19/9
the meter was installed yesterday
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Tom, it can take two weeks or more before your meter is properly connected and providing the correct readings, there’s a complex process to go through which you can have a link to if you wish.

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I've moved your post here, @tom.clements, there is plenty of handy information in the above thread. @PeterR1947 has hit the nail on the head, the meter and IHD needs a bit of time to fully sync up.

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Hello. This morning our Home Display gizmo showed a consumption of £2.36 combined energies. Normally this would be around 60p. 


We always turn the heating off at night, usually around 8pm., and this morning we hadn’t turned it on again before we saw that reading. 

The electricity consumption was low but the gas was apparently over £2 ‘s worth.

Looks like our Smart Meter or Display unit has had a nervous breakdown.

Advice please. Thanks.

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I’ve moved your post here, @buzzhunter, check out the best answer, this issue should right itself in the near future. 


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I should add that we’ve had a smart meter and the home display unit for over a year now. It’s not new.

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Ahhh OK, in that case the above might not apply. These threads here and here may offer more advice. 

I’ve read loads and loads of other posts about this issue, I’ve just been upped to SMETS 2 gas and electricity and the readings are a mile out on the IHD.

Previously had SMETS 1 with electricity only and that was accurate.

I can’t seem to find any resolution in these posts, the most recent being about a month ago that i can see.

Has anything happened recently to fix this or os there an answer to this somewhere else.

I want to transfer to another supplier but guess if the readings on the IHD are incorrect they won't touch me.

Any light on this guys?

Thank you

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Hi @Speedbird1  With an ID like that I assume you work for BA?

If you’ve only just had SMETS2 meters fitted, then your IHD won’t yet be able to pick up your correct tariff information. That arrives right at the end of the off-site commissioning process. 

Hi @Transparent thank you for that.

I have just spent a very informative hour reading all your previous posts regarding this. It was most helpful and calming as i was concerned that my ‘new’ system was faulty. It’s only been in 4 days so i’ll give it more time.

You know the connection with Speedbird and BA as well.

Thank you

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Ah… and one of the Moderators has moved our discussion onto the relevant thread!

@Speedbird1 since your SMETS2 meters are new, you might want to also have a look through this longer Topic about Smart Meter Installation. That’s were I and several others have posted stuff which we learned after ours were first installed.

Yes, I know the BA connection because I have a relative who works for them. It could be a very different global transport system which emerges from the aftermath of Covid-19 and Brexit.