Train the OVO Chat Bot on more topics :)

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It would be great to be able to use the OVO Chat Bot a bit more effectively, but right now it gets seriously confused by a lot of simple terms like Economy 7 (brings up about understanding energy bills) or IHDs (goes straight to smart meters instead).

The bot definitely has potential, but could someone teach it a few more tricks by any chance? In particular, making it more capable of understanding what I’m asking about would be ideal!

The Product team that looks after OVO Help have given me an update on this idea:


Training the OVO chat bot is something that we do continuously, although it takes some time to teach.  We have a catalogue for keywords and phrases which the bot uses to direct customers to relevant articles. This ‘training’ will continue until the chat bot is a fully fledged OVO Help genius!


We’ll mark this idea as complete as this work is already being done in a continues improvement timeline. @Blastoise186 or anyone else, now you have a place to come back to with any feedback on this chat bot tool’s ability to suggest articles!  :)


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