Improve Greenlight's carbon forecast on OVO app

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The carbon forecast on the OVO app shows 6 hourly time slots per screen, which have to be swiped through a block at a time, so 7 swipes to show the whole 48 hour period. By the time I’ve moved a couple of swipes I’ve lost track of which day the times are referring to, particularly when the text labels run into each other and become unreadable.

If the graph was turned through 90 degrees the time slots could run down the screen, labels would be one per line and if day names could be included eg at midnight the whole thing would be more readable.


Thanks for this idea, @juliamc 


I’ll be making sure the relevant product team updates this idea with the relevant status within our 2 week time frame by the 12th.


Keep those ideas coming! 

There’s been a delay with our OVO app product team coming back to us with some insight on this one. I’ll be opening this idea for votes now and this will put the idea back in the queue for our teams to review.


Thanks for bearing with us on this one, @juliamc!

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