Do EDF charge for gas meter removal?

I am thinking of having my gas meter removed as i have not used gas for over 2 years. Do EDF charge to remove a gas meter - I am on priority service if that makes any difference. thank you


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Hi @violet ,

I don’t know exactly what EDF charges for that, but I think it’s roughly £106. Being on PSR unfortunately does not provide a discount for that particular job either - it’s the same price for everyone.

thank you

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Hey @violet 


Glad to see one of our volunteers Blastoise186 has already hopped on here with some great advice, I believe most suppliers do charge for a job like this.


I did find this page on the EDF webpage about removing a meter, once the meter is removed your Distribution Network can disconnect the service.


Hope this helps.🙂

yes, thank you

is the “We'll charge you £80 to remove your meter” - is this defo for removing a gas meter?

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Yes, each supplier charges the same fee for both meter types.

👍🏻 ok, thanks for clarifying that