Can I get my smart Electric Vehicle (EV) charger moved to my new home?

  • 21 October 2019
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Hi all, 


We are current EV Everywhere customers with a smart charger fitted in July 19. We are now moving house and need to figure out what do with our smart charger.

Ideally we’d have a charger fitted in the new house but I don’t know if we transfer kit from old house to be house? If we don’t transfer the charger would there be an additional cost as we have already used the government grant with the first charger? 




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4 replies

@Hari_OVO can you assist with this question or do you know someone who can? 

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Great question to ask about the implications of moving home when you’ve got an EV smart charger installed in your current address. Sounds like your charger was installed by ChargedEV as an add-on to your EV Everywhere tariff. (please note - this tariff and add-on have been discontinued) Check out our latest EV tariff - OVO Drive and Anytime Add-on.


To discuss the possibility of getting your charger moved to the new home with you, you’d need to contact your installer, in this case ChargedEv ( As there’d be a cost involved you may find it’s cheaper to leave the existing charger in place and get a new one installed at your new place. We’ve got some exclusive EV charger deals available for OVO members, however it’s worth remembering that the OLEV Grant is linked to your vehicle rather than your address so if you’ve already made use of this grant you wouldn’t be eligible for it again unless you’ve bought a new vehicle.  


There’s move advice on what to consider when you move on this great moving checklist. Good luck with the packing!

Hi @Chris_OVO , thanks for getting back to me. In the interim I had contacted customer support and got the following response  

moving the charger is quite tricky (not having access to both houses at the same time etc.) 

when I spoke to charged EV I think the cost of moving the charger was about the same as the government grant. 
With this in mind would we be okay to sign a new EV Everywhere contract with OVO once we’ve moved and get a new charger fitted if we pay the OLEV equivalent? 



Hello Rebecca,


Thank you for your email. Now that the equipment has been installed, it would stay at the current property but if you move house you can always sign up to EV Everywhere again to get the same service. The offer will apply to each property rather than only to you as a customer.


I hope this has been helpful.


All the best,



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Hey again @Eyes0pen - Am I right in thinking someone has been in touch with you? What’s the answer to this one? 


You won’t be the last to ask this question, so let us know if you can. :)