OVO Community Blog - Issue 26

  • 2 December 2019
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OVO Community Blog - Issue 26
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It’s the end of an era…



So after a very busy 3 and half years, it’s time for me to move on to a new challenge!  I’ll be leaving OVO at the end of the week, so wanted say a huge goodbye to all of you and a huge thank you for coming along with us on this community journey!  I’m definitely sad to leave behind my team and all of you, but I’m excited about my new challenge and cannot wait to get started!  :cry::tada:

Good times!

Definitely a big shout out to my mod team, who have just been awesome and will continue to be awesome running the forum long after I’ve left the building.  They’re fab and will be sure to look after you going forward!  They love the forum as much as I do, so you’re in safe hands!  :thumbsup_tone1:

Moderator Dream Team


In more important OVO news…


We launched our campaign “Think before you thank”.  Another way to help people reduce the amount of unnecessary carbon they produce.   If you don’t already follow OVO on Twitter, do it now! 


We also featured the Telegraph article on How can planting a tree benefit the environment.  :palm_tree::deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree:


Our Customer Service teams also took home awards this week at the European Contact Centre and Customer Service Awards in London!  You can find out what we won here…. :trophy::medal:


Overheard on the OVO Forum this week…


We’ve had some great engagement on our Vehicle to Grid update regarding some new features that are coming!  Thanks to those that continue to provide feedback, @Leo Moran @Andras @piersjk and all of you involved.  It’s so important you keep this up so we can continue to evolve the product!! 


@Katinka asked about moving from Eon to OVO and how that would impact her Smart Meters.  Anyone want to have a look and offer some advice? @Transparent? Or maybe @Andras


Hope you all managed to have a look at the latest OVO newswire post from @Amy_OVO on Friday.  If you didn’t, here’s a reminder!  


We made some changes to the quick links on the homepage of our community.  Hopefully you’ve all seen them.  Tell us what you think!  


Don’t forget, if you’re feeling festive, why not reach out and help someone that needs some support or advice by checking out the Unanswered Questions:santa_tone1:


Finally, big shout out to some of our newest members! @MonicaSimoes  @Moll @Jade34099 @kintonkara @SparkBright and @Rolnar.  Welcome! We hope you enjoy getting involved in our community. 



As this is my last blog as author, @Tim_OVO & @Nancy_OVO will be taking over responsibility for this going forward.  Please continue to get involved, keep helping each other.  It’s so important for the community and for our members.  :speaking_head:


Thanks for everything, it’s goodbye from me! (Well I’ll be around until Friday :wink:  ) 


Have a great week. 


Community Manager (...til Friday...) 


12 replies

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So after a very busy 3 and half years, it’s time for me to move on to a new challenge! 



3.5 years, what a journey in that time!


It’s easy to forget that this community started off from scratch, by Darran. With no content, no user base, no regulars, and not a superuser in sight - even the @Transparent ones. You mention ‘V2G’ back then and you’d get some funny looks. 


Now this community gets over 50,000 visits per month! Thanks for building something great here, @Darran_OVO - you’ll be missed!

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@Darran_OVO Having met the team in person and spent the day with you makes the forum more than just a page on the screen and I have enjoyed your company over the last year. Thanks for allowing me to share the journey so far with you and tight sails and fair winds for your future.



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Thanks @Tim_OVO too kind!!  I’ll miss all of you too!  


@Leo Moran thanks for being so involved and an active member of our community.  Was great to meet you in person at our VIP day!!  Please continue to support our lovely community.  We are still growing and all your contributions help with that!! 


I was just chatting to @ITGeek123 too, I’m secretly hoping he’ll get another EV soon and be back here sharing his views and opinions on that when it happens…..!!

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@Darran_OVO ….if it was so great to meet me why have you deleted me from all the photos above?….Only joking, the length of my hair at the time I’d have deleted me as well...

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Lol!! Sorry @Leo Moran was not intentional!! :) 

Here’s the original, in all it’s glory! Includes @aaronr too…… :wink:


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Thanks @Darran_OVO for helping make the forum what it is, and for keeping me coming back to comment on various topics! :smiley: Good luck with your next challenge, I wish you all the best!

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Thanks @aaronr!!  Thanks for all your input so far!!  Keep it coming, I know the rest of the team will appreciate it! 


Darran :) 

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Thank you @Darran_OVO , all the best at your new job!

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Thanks @Andras!  Appreciate you joining and all of your contributions so far!!!! Keep it up! 

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I’ll be sorry to see you go @Darran_OVO 

… and on the same day that my OVO contract expires too!

We’ll still be on our best behaviour here. After all, we’ll never know if you’re still reading our Forum posts from your new position elsewhere.

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Lol true story @Transparent!! 


I am actually an OVO customer, so may well pop back up here on the forum at some point in the future… :wink:

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I am actually an OVO customer, so may well pop back up here on the forum at some point in the future… :wink:


:raised_hands: - it's not over yet then - watch this space….