004: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here

  • 29 November 2019
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004: OVO Newswire - Your weekend reading, right here
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Part 4, and baton’s been passed to me!


Some interesting stories picked out by our OVO Newswire team, and their Instagram page this week. These caught our attention, let us know what you think! 


Climate change strike: thousands of school students protest over bushfires⁠. Students in Australia have gathered in Sydney, Melbourne and other capitals as part of the global 29 November climate protests⁠. Full story at ovonewswire.com 

On my lunch today I stumbled upon a Fridays For Future march in Bristol city centre, not the first time I’ve come across activists. The ever growing devastating effects of climate change are becoming more common place. 



How can planting a tree benefit the environment?⁠ Did you know the simple act of planting a tree is one thing that will have a huge impact on our planet’s future?⁠ We may walk among them every day, but many of us take trees for granted, unaware of their ability to change our lives for the better in a myriad of different ways.⁠ Full story at ovonewswire.com

We’ve recently launched OVO Beyond, we’ll plant three trees per OVO Beyond member per year. You can add this on via MyOVO you’ll find it under offers and upgrades. Who’s already signed up? We’d love to hear more -@Jacob903 did you upgrade in the end?


Pointless emails: they’re not just irritating – they have a massive carbon footprint⁠. A new study commissioned by OVO Energy estimates Brits send more than 64m unnecessary emails every day.⁠ If every adult in the UK sent one fewer “thank you” email a day we would save more than 16,433 tonnes of carbon a year. ⁠Full story at ovonewswire.com

Have you had a chance to read @Eva_OVO’s article earlier this week, if not grab yourself the free extension and cap that carbon. @ITGeek123, you seemed keen on this, did you manage to use it on your personal email at all? 


Greenhouse gas levels reach record high.⁠ Future generations confronted with increasingly severe impacts of climate change, including rising temperatures, more extreme weather, water stress, sea level rise and disruption to marine and land ecosystems.⁠ Full story at ovonewswire.com

Another news article showing the severity of climate change. This seems to be a heavily themed Newswire but it is a hot topic, the following article shows how Canada are trying to combat carbon. 


Hiking carbon tax to $210 is the cheapest way to hit Canada's climate targets⁠. The Ecofiscal Commission says quadrupling Canada's carbon price by 2030 is the easiest and most cost-effective way for the country to meet its climate targets.⁠ Full story at ovonewswire.com

How would you feel if the UK was to do a similar thing? Would you be apposed or in support of the notion. I’d love to hear your thoughts, members new and old @Marlow@prav@Rae@ripalto1@tony1tf , @Phil_H@Transparent , let the debate commence! 


Have a lovely weekend! :slight_smile:

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