What is an Erroneous Transfer (ET)?

  • 19 April 2018
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What is an Erroneous Transfer (ET)?
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Why have you let me know I’m leaving OVO when I didn’t request to switch?


Sometimes we receive a request for us to switch your supply away from us in error. Whilst it’s quite rare there’s a few reasons this may have happened,

  • Human error - someone may have entered your address details accidentally when applying for a genuine switch
  • Fraud - very occasionally fraudsters may use your details to apply for an energy switch (if the details held by the other supplier match your details it might be worth contacting your bank and checking your internet security procedures)
  • Mistake in your address listing on the national database - If way your address is listed is unclear or incorrect this can cause issues switching. Check out this topic for more advice in getting this corrected.


How do I stop the switch taking place?


If you receive an unexpected leaving email, contact our Support Team to let us know you don’t want to go. They can put a stop to the impending switch and find out which supplier’s making the request. You’ll also need to make sure you let the other supplier know that you don’t want to switch to them as they may reattempt the switch.


What if the switch has already happened?


Even if the switch has already taken place, we can make sure it’s reversed. If you let our Support Team know, they can raise this as an ‘Erroneous Transfer’ (ET). This involves contacting the other supplier to let them know the switch shouldn’t have taken place. As this is a regulated process, they then have to return your supply to OVO and they can’t charge you anything.


How long does it take for an ‘Erroneous Transfer’ process to be completed?


As there’s a lot to be worked out in the background it takes up to 12 weeks from raising the ET until your account is fully back up and running. During this time your billing will be paused, however we’d advise you to continue paying your usual monthly Direct Debit This means you’ll build up a credit balance to cover the cost of your energy used as you will be issued an up-to-date statement from the date that your supply left us. It will be as if the transfer never took place.


It’s a complex (and thankfully rare) energy industry process, so let us know if you’ve got any more questions!


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