What can I do if I've moved out but forgot to take a final reading?

  • 27 July 2018
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I've moved out of a rented house and forgot to read the meters :(

I'm now living away from the property and it's been more or less unoccupied for the most part for the last couple of months so I've got a feeling any estimated readings are going to be way too high.

If the estimates are too high (ie higher than the next readings taken when landlord gets property back) how will I get the difference back??


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Thank heavens it's been left unoccupied!

Any new tenants could have racked up a bill and you could have been left with a bill!

Under these circumstances I would strongly advise calling your former landlord, ask him to take readings and then you log them with OVO as soon as possible. :)

Did you advise OVO you were moving by the way?

If virtually no power has been used in your absence it would be the standing charge in the most part that's been clocking up.

Try not to worry, contact OVO as soon as you speak to your landlord.

Good luck with it all 🙂
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Great question to ask, it’s an easy one to forget when you’re moving home. Unless you’ve got smart meters installed, it’s best to take a manual reading on moving day. If you’ve already moved, you might be able to find out the reading now, usually your landlord or lettings agent will take the readings as part of your ‘Check-out report’.


You can submit these readings via the ‘meter readings’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). You can also let us know you need to close your account here, just click on the ‘Moving home’ menu option. You will need to close your account on the final date of your tenancy agreement unless agreed otherwise with your landlord, so best to get the readings taken as close to this date as possible.


If you aren’t able to get the readings from the exact date your account ends, we’ll use an estimated reading reading which is calculated based on your Estimated Annual Consumption. You’ll receive a final statement based on this reading within 6 weeks of moving. If we do receive an actual reading for this date, we can reissue this statement so it’s worth getting in touch if you’ve got an actual reading even if you’ve already been final billed.

There’s more great advice on what to consider about your energy when you move home on this great guide and more general moving advice here.


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I am landlord of a flat. My last tenant moved out November 2018 and closed her account with OVO. I didn't open an account with OVO at that time. A new tenant moved in April 2019. She didn't inform the utility company of a change of tenancy nor take any meter readings. She has received a bill addressed to 'the occupier' covering the period from November to the present. Clearly we need to split the bill Nov - April and April to the present.

The flat was empty from Nov to April, no energy was used, - the only usage would be estate agents showing prospective tenants around and there were very few viewings at that time.
I contacted OVO, they then opened an account for me. I gave them the dates and they then sent me a bill for Nov - April. Fair enough, I am responsible for the bill for that period and am happy to pay it, based on their daily charge. What I am not happy with is the fact that they have made an estimate of usage during this period and billed me (I reckon) about £250 based on that estimate.

I have contacted them but they say -if you can give us a reading from 3rd April (!! where's the time machine when you need it?) then we can send you a corrected bill. If you can't you will have to pay based on our estimates.

So this is the situation as I see it; I know (and can prove) the flat was empty, OVO is making an estimate (my facts against their guess) but they are now threatening me if I don't pay. Any advice much appreciated.
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I've moved your query here, @myakka.

As you or the tenant didn't call when they left the property and no readings were submitted, there's nothing we can do here but to use estimates.

If the new tenants submitted a reading when they moved in, we can bill you to that reading but your opening reading will be estimated.