Switched to OVO but can't give a meter reading

  • 24 June 2023
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We switched from EDF to OVO 5 days ago, and the OVO website wants me to submit an initial reading from our year-old smart meter. However, the OVO site then says:

We're still waiting for some industry data for this meter, so you're not able to submit a reading right now.

Is this common? Does it solve itself? I can’t go to any other part of my account on the website or phone, so it is a bit annoying.


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6 replies

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Hi @chrisridd ,

This doesn’t happen very often but it’s usually resolved behind the scenes. Hang in there for a bit and if it’s not resolved after say, a week, let OVO know via Live Chat at .

Fingers crossed then! The button prompting me to submit the opening reading’s gone, so there’s literally nothing I can do.

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Just a thought @chrisridd , do you use the app at all? If so there should be a button there. This screenshot is from mine and is available even with up to date readings. 

Even though there’s not an option on my online account on the website - (non app)

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Fingers crossed then! The button prompting me to submit the opening reading’s gone, so there’s literally nothing I can do.

Has a meter reading for the day you moved in appeared?


Yes, a reading for our switch day has appeared on that page - thanks for the tip! It is wrong (too high) and the usage graphs for 5 days after we switched are completely wrong (1kW per day!) The Usage graphs for days 6 and 7 look much more realistic for us - 6kW or so.

I’ll give OVO the manual reading I took on the morning of the switch and see if that makes any difference.

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Updated on 13/09/23 by Emmanuelle_OVO

Hey @chrisridd 


Sorry to hear about the issue with the meter readings.


It sounds like an estimated meter reading may have been used to open the account, rather than your actual ones submitted to your previous supplier when you switched.


As with your monthly summary, if we haven’t received an opening meter reading (either submitted manually or sent automatically by your smart meter) we’ll use an estimated reading. This estimated reading will be based on the history of your meter readings held by the energy industry and will be agreed with your previous supplier to use on your final statement with them. Check out more below on meter reading disputes:



You can raise a read dispute with the Support Team to have this corrected, they’ll ask you to take two meter readings at least two weeks apart and use these to calculate what the meter reading should’ve been on the date you switched. This will allow them to recalculate any billing or usage.