My switch away was rejected as I have a 'profile class 0' (commercial) supply - how do I get database updated?

  • 12 October 2018
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I have a similar response when using uswitch - they give the message:

“We are unable to switch non-domestic meters, please contact our business energy partners on 0800 188 4930, or visit

There’s a facebook page devoted to V2G, where it’s suggested that Ovo incorrectly assigned the smets1 meters for the V2G trial as commercial.  I’ve emailed Ovo already, hopefully it will be sorted out.

We have daily logged elec+gas data on the Ovo website, although I think Ovo internally get ½ hourly for V2G.  If we do leave, it would be to Octopus Go or similar TOU tariff (come on Ovo, lets have one!), and I’m sure that will need regular data too.


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I’m so sorry to hear of the issues you’ve had when contacting our Support Team to request a change to your profile class, @MrPuds.


As outlined in the ‘Best Answer’ above:



 What’s likely is  your property has smart meters, which send the readings to the energy industry every half hour. This makes sure we’re able to anticipate your energy demand more efficiently and is an important part of de-carbonising the grid on our journey to Plan Zero

This ‘half hourly settlement’ is listed on the national database as a profile class 0, which up until 2019 was only for business listings. This is an industry wide change so all suppliers should be aware of this update and able to onboard a customer. However, there are a lot of suppliers who still don’t have this functionality.


We can change the way your meters are listed on the national database so that it’s not half hourly, in order to avoid confusion from another supplier. Reach out to our Support Team to request this update. Once requested it takes around 2 - 4 weeks for the listing to be updated.


As you mention being advised of a much longer than expected timeframe to get this resolved, I’d like to take a look at your account to make sure this request has been raised correctly.


We’ve previously contacted you via a Private Message here, if you could respond to this message confirming your account details, I can investigate this further for you.


I hope this helps get things sorted.


I would like to point out that this explanation is most false. The smart meter has nearly nothing to do with this. Instead, this relates to the Measurement Class, which is relevant for wholesale billing, and elective half-hourly settlement. OVO really should try to get all their agents on the same page, because the amount of half truth I have received from OVO has been rather staggering. 

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We can certainly look at updating this content, @MrPuds, to make sure it’s accurate. 


My understanding of domestic supplies using half hourly settlement is that it’s only possible when that supply has a communicating smart meter, which would link the two. @Jess_OVO let’s take this away and make sure we’re confident with what’s been outlined in the ‘best answer’ :) 

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Just to pop in here to clarify, we’ve checked in with our metering expert and adjusted the Best Answer of this thread accordingly, @MrPuds. Like you allude to, the fact you have smart meters doesn’t necessarily mean your supply will be half-hourly settled so I hope I’ve made that clearer.


Whilst this reflects the current situation when it comes to the recognition of Profile Class 0, I appreciate it’s confusing and frustrating to find that this is delaying your switch away. You may find this Ofgem Report (published before the change was made) gives a few more details. The metering expert at OVO has explained to me - 


Section 1.18 details the bits in question..  it also calls out (point 2.11) that a functioning Smart meter is needed for Elective Half Hourly Settlement to work. Point 6.24 calls out that there is no need to offer supporting Elective HHS but that doesn't means they cannot manage gaining sites that are under this arrangement..  basically.. no Supplier is obliged to support EHHS (hence the term 'elective') but it is totally valid and works how we've described..  the profile class is 00 which is applicable to both non domestic and domestic sites and it is the measurement class that should be used.. which will be F and not C.


I hope this helps clear things up slightly.

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Here we are again with the half truths. 

If you read this document, it says in Section 2.31:

“At this stage, we consider that the most proportionate option is a two-step process. This would help to avoid NHH suppliers needing to make systems changes to support CoMC, and would minimise overall changes to settlement, while allowing customers to receive the benefits of elective HHS at an early stage. On CoS, the losing HH supplier would first be required to return the customer to NHH arrangements. 24 The customer could then be switched between suppliers following the usual process.”

OVO should have done this two months ago. And it should have been done within the two weeks allowed for a switch. (Although the document seems to disagree, it seems to take the liberty of violating license conditions for EHHS. I am pretty sure it is not ok for a standard document to override legal requirements - which is why I said there is plenty of blame to go around.) Ok, mistakes can happen, but for two months, I have been trying, without success, to get OVO to follow this process. For the first 6 weeks, nobody even seriously considered my request. 

The document also says that OVO should have informed trial participants that switches can take longer than usual. Section 2.37: “We expect suppliers to take reasonable steps to let customers know how long the switch would take in this situation.” But here we are, 2 months later, and I still do not have a date for the switch. 

It also says in Section 2.38: “The proposed approach would enhance the ability of the losing supplier to potentially delay a customer’s switch.” How prophetic, that is me in a nutshell! 

This is exactly why original sources are so important. They define what should be, and they give us a perspective to appreciate what is or is not. 

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Once again I’m really sorry for your experience of requesting a change to your profile class to allow a switch away, @MrPuds.


Normally we’re able to process this request in the 2 - 4 week timeframe advised above. I appreciate in your case this has taken much longer to resolve which is why I’ve taken steps myself to get things sorted for you and passed on feedback to the agent in question.


I hope this helps.