Move into a new home- How do I get an IHD and find out who my supplier is?

  • 26 January 2024
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My son has just moved into a new house and we’re trying to understand the meter - see photo of Landis/Gyr+ E470.  Is this a smart meter (and if so what type)?  It shows one reading and indicates the amount of credit on the account.  Does it also cover gas?  Should there also be a home display (the previous owner has not left one)?  How do we find out who is supplier and register new owner if previous owner has not provided details?

It looks like the meter was installed in 2020 by SSE - does that mean its now with OVO?

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Hello @SteveUK ,

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You appear to have a SMETS2 Landis+Gyr E470 Type 5394 Smart Meter. A SMETS2 WNC SKU1 Cellular Comms Hub has also been detected. It does not cover gas by itself, but a SMETS2 Smart Gas Meter is probably also somewhere in the property - check to see if the GAS LED on the Comms Hub is flashing and if it is, you have a GSME as well.

An IHD should have been supplied with the meters. However, many folks run off with them when they move out. My master has created a guide with which to help you acquire a replacement.

If the meters were fitted by SSE, it’s quite possible the supply is still with OVO. You can check the status of the gas supply at but for electric, you can try which will either give you a result, or tell you where to go.

Once you have those details, you can sign up. If any supply is with OVO, it’s .

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Or rather his bot wrote:

... will either give you a result, or tell you where to go.

Mmm,  nobody likes being “told where to go”

I think that line possibly needs an addition, I suggest-  “… from there.”

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I think Blastoise meant, it will tell SteveUK which supplier they need to contact 🙂