I've moved into an OVO supplied property and signed up - Why can't I get access to my account?

I completed the moving in registration over a week ago and never received any confirmation emails from OVO. The property is already supplied by OVO so does not require a transfer period. I completed this form again today in the hope to get some light of account set up and meter readings put in. 

I have also tried to login and it lets me set my password but once logged in, it says a problem has occured or they cannot find my details.


I need access to an account to put in meter readings and pay, however I do not understand why this is an impossible task and I have double checked my emails and junk folder and received no communication.


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Welcome to OVO and your new home!


Great that you’ve already found how to set-up an account with us, but sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing your online account. Once you complete our Move-in form, you should receive a welcome email from us within an hour. If you try to login before receiving this your account won’t yet be accessible which is why you might be seeing an error message. If you’re still waiting for the email, reach out to our Support Team to double check there’s no technical issues going on.


Once you’ve received the welcome email, the easiest way to enter your opening meter readings and check your suggested Direct Debit amount is by logging in to your online account or downloading our app (available for iOS and Android). The suggested Direct Debit amount for your new account is based on average energy usage we’ve seen in your home previously. This gives us a good starting point to work out what you’re likely to use - but obviously if you are using less, you’ll only pay for what you use. We’ll monitor your usage and carry out a ‘Direct Debit Check-In’ every 3 months, after we’ve got an idea of your actual usage. If you’re really not sure about the suggested amount - reach out to our Support Team who can discuss a more suitable monthly payment amount.


There’s more tips on how to manage your energy account when you move home on this great guide, and other moving house advice on this handy checklist


Good luck with the unpacking. :thumbsup:


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Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!



Few weeks ago I sign up with OVOEnergy which it told me to wait until 12 December to switch. as on 12 December I’ve receieve that I’m offically on OVOEnergy and I’ve already paid. 

So it asked me to Submit my open meter reading. Which I click the link and there is error on page: 

A Problem has occured

We’ll take a look at this shortly, in the meantime please try refreshing the page. 


So it has been two day as I’ve no idea what is the meter reading number. 

By the way the property already have smart meter which it link to different provider from previous tenant. 

So I would like to access to that account and monitor the energy usage. 

Other question, How do I update the address on my account as everything is right but the road name is misspelled. 

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Try asking the Support Team to take a look at this one. or 0330 303 5063. They can fix all of those issues for you.

@Blastoise186, Thank you for reply. Unfortunate I’m Deaf and I need someone to assist with me here. The chat message is not available. 

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Oh ok. Are you able to use SignVideo or Relay UK? For Relay UK it should be 18001 0330 303 5063 or SignVideo on .

Do these help at all? If they don’t, let me know as I might have another option to try.

Thank you for the link as I’ve just tried this method half hour ago but the call is not available at this moment. 


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Ok. Let me try something. Give me about an hour or so.

I’ve alerted someone to this thread and asked them to swing by.

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Last time Blastoise said that it took 6 minutes 

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True, but in this case I have to make an offering to the powers that be.

At least I don’t have to feed them money! They prefer… Knowledge...

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Hey @spiderkzn,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


I’ll get Forum_Support to reach out to you, please keep an eye on your private messages. 


Hope this helps. 

Thank you Emma! I will wait for private message


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Ah nice. My offering worked! :)

Forum_Support should be able to help you from here. But if you get stuck again, feel free to stop by the forum anytime.

Hello @Blastoise186 

It seem my account has open to submit meter reading. As I’ve manage to upload Gas meter reading already. But the electricity as I cannot upload meter reading due to it say: 

"We're still waiting for some industry data for this meter, so you're not able to submit a reading right now."

What it mean? 

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Ah ok. It basically means OVO is still doing some checks to register that meter to your account. You’ll get notified when it’s ready to have a reading put in.

Hello all,

I am looking for some advice in regards to setting up a new account with OVO.

Me and my partner moved into a new rental property on the 17/02/23. From looking at previously issued letters, the energy provider was with SSE but it now appears that it has moved over to OVO.

After speaking to a member of staff on the live chat function, I was advised that I wouldn't be able to get the account set up in our name until the 23/2/23 as that is when the merger was going to be completed?

I called OVO on the 23/2/23, there wasn't an option for new customers, however when I did manage to get through to an account handler I was advised that the previous energy and gas account numbers wouldn't be valid as they belonged to the previous tenants, so we would need to set up a new account with new account numbers. 

I went through the account set up, I gave them my name, contact details, date we moved in and the preferred payment method, however when they went to set up the account, they advised that there was an 'error'.

They have passed it onto their home move team to get the account set up and that they would email me with the details but it could take up to 45 working days to set up, is that correct? it seems like a massively long time!

I asked what I should do in the meantime about paying the bills, and I was simply advised that me and my partner should put money aside until the accounts are set up. 

Has anyone else heard/ been advised this?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks very much,



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I would make sure you have photos of the meter readings from your moving in day, or as close as poss to it, and wait for that email. Maybe take photos of the meters each week as a record and out aside some money for the bill which no doubt will arrive eventually. The rates are more or less the same for everyone at the moment so you could look them up.

The migration is happening all the time at the moment, looks like you just hit the point where your property is changing.

I have moved into a property 8/07/2022 and I am trying to set up an account with my meter readings. Firstly this was with SSE unfortunately no joy now with ovo still no joy.

I have had estimate ready meter bills under The Occupier and now court demands, but I still can not speak to anybody because everyone is too busy or do not know then I am put on hold and then cut off.


I try to do it online but that is not easy.

Hopefully someone can advise!


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Hi @Bridget Lawford ,

This is a little complicated if it’s gone to court demands as you say. Have you tried or by any chance?


Yes I put all the information required, waiting for a link for a password to set up a account but nothing has come through and still waiting!

Just feel the whole process is not customer friendly

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In that case, the account should already be active. Try calling 0330 303 5063 to use the automated phone system. You can submit a meter reading there.

You need to set things up using the links I provided first though, before you can use online services or do anything else.


Tried that the account I have unfortunately they do not recognise.

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Ok, you need to set up an account via by the sounds of things.

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You might consider reaching out to OVO’s Support team, @Bridget Lawford: web chat is a good option that means you’re not hanging around on the phone. It would be good to make sure OVO know you’re in the address, trying to set up an account and ready to pay for the energy you’ve used since moving in. Our Collections team might also be worth a call so they can pause any collections activity and agree with you a payment plan for your energy: 0800 0699 831. 


Hope this helps,