I've Moved Into An OVO Supplied Property and Signed Up - Why Can't I Get Access To My Account?

I completed the moving in registration over a week ago and never received any confirmation emails from OVO. The property is already supplied by OVO so does not require a transfer period. I completed this form again today in the hope to get some light of account set up and meter readings put in. 

I have also tried to login and it lets me set my password but once logged in, it says a problem has occured or they cannot find my details.


I need access to an account to put in meter readings and pay, however I do not understand why this is an impossible task and I have double checked my emails and junk folder and received no communication.


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Welcome to OVO and your new home!


Great that you’ve already found how to set-up an account with us, but sorry to hear you’re having trouble accessing your online account. Once you complete our Move-in form, you should receive a welcome email from us within 5 days. If you try to login before receiving this your account won’t yet be accessible which is why you might be seeing an error message. If it’s been over 5 days since you signed up and you’re still waiting for the email, reach out to our Support Team to double check there’s no technical issues going on.


Once you’ve received the welcome email the easiest way to enter your opening meter readings and check your suggested Direct Debit amount is by logging in to your online account or downloading our app (available for iOS and Android). The suggested Direct Debit amount for your new account is based on average energy usage we’ve seen in your home previously. This gives us a good starting point to work out what you’re likely to use - but obviously if you are using less, you’ll only pay for what you use. We’ll monitor your usage and carry out a ‘Direct Debit Check-In’ every 3 months, after we’ve got an idea of your actual usage. If you’re really not sure about the suggested amount - reach out to our Support Team who can discuss a more suitable monthly payment amount.


There’s more tips on how to manage your energy account when you move home on this great guide, and other moving house advice on this handy checklist


Good luck with the unpacking. :thumbsup:


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Interested but not yet an OVO member? - Check out our plans!


Moved house and opened new OVO account, but for weeks I've not been able to log in! Decided to stay with OVO because of great service, but now not sure!

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Hi there @twhatmough !

Welcome to the forums. You’re in luck here because I’m a tech expert, so I’ll try to help you out.

How are you trying to login to your account. Is it with the app or website? And also, how long as it been since you signed up? I know of a few bugs in the platform which I’m currently in the process of reporting.

I’ll definitely try to help you out here too

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The other thing you might want to try doing, is using the first-time user tool to set your online account up. If you’ve never logged in so far, that tool should get you up and running.

If that doesn’t work, I’m more than happy to try and tackle this one with you, so please keep us updated with how you get on.

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I’ve moved your comment, @twhatmough - this topic is very similar by the sounds of it. 


But I want to revisit the advice that Ed_OVO gave. 


@Karenzajd do you know what the issue was in the end? Did you complete an online move in, or did that over the phone?


Same question to you, @twhatmough - you need to open an account, but not complete the online sign up. As that is for supplies that aren’t already with OVO. 


In general, if you’re moving home, see this guide on what to do for your energy account at the old place and your new place. We’ve also made a ‘Moving home checklist’ here



I moved home 11th November and informed OVO that I would like to stay with them at my new home. Everything agreed for both gas and electric. The electric account went well great in fact smart meter installed all good but try as I might the gas supply didn’t happen and still not done. Initially told the provider refused the switch, then discovered OVO (Gas) had the wrong address and therefore wrong meter. Sent them correct meter serial number and also a photo of the meter but heard nothing so went to my account and they had me having two accounts one being my old address, new account with wrong address. Contacted customer service loads of apologies and rest assured we will get it sorted out. Heard nothing so contacted OVO customer services only to be told sorry system doesn’t allow provision for a single energy supply even though I have contracted with OVO for the supply of both gas and electric and my plan says just that, is it my fault that they haven’t acted in accordance with our contract? Recommendation is that I can leave OVO and sign with an alternative provider.

What type of system turns customers away and I have been a loyal customer of OVO since pretty much the start of the company.

Has the merger now put OVO into same bracket as the disinterested couldn’t care less major providers and the initial reason for joining the once upon a time customer orientated company?

I have been told that my complaint has to be elevated as can’t work outside of the system and they will get back to me in 5/7 days. So will likely be 2 months from my move and although they can’t supply me with one energy they have actually done so.

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Good afternoon @DaveS ,

Firstly, I’m really sorry to hear of all the trouble despite your loyalty. I am a forum volunteer here, so I’m independent from OVO’s employees but can offer advice.

It sounds as if something got confused along the way, but this isn’t impossible to resolve. OVO’s complaints team are extremely good at rapidly resolving complaints like these well within the target time and will make every effort to get back to you within five working days.

If needed, I can also summon help from @Tim_OVO to flag up issues like these. This should be a fairly quick one to resolve and hopefully makes up for the error.

If there’s anything I can do though, please let me know.

Blastoise186 thanks for your interest seems you accept 5 days as a good response time sorry I don’t but guess I will have to wait yet again after all what is 5 days more as only 6 weeks since I moved, and hope I do actually get a response because so far pretty much one way traffic. I also hope you are right and it easy to resolve because so far OVO personnel say that they can’t sort it out as the system doesn’t allow them to make sensible decisions. Something got confused is somewhat of an understatement my account is a total mess two accounts and the one I moved from in November says thanks for letting us know you have moved and then says I have actually moved from the property I was actually moving to. Then the other account has an address that I didn’t give them. Electric guys got it right and the gas guys got it wrong and corrupted my account so why basically it is incompetence and a manager confirms this but can’t change the system. Mergers always put a strain on businesses as changes seem to be immediate but systems and personnel can’t cope, quart out of a pint pot springs to mind.

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It is true that OVO doesn’t offer Gas-Only accounts, but it should be possible to upgrade an existing Electric-Only account to Dual-Fuel - and also fix cases where only the Electric has transferred over but not gas.

I think I have some idea of what’s happened here, along with suggestions that may help to prevent it from recurring in the future. It is true that OVO has grown a lot over the last couple of years, but it’s also worth noting that many suppliers are currently snapping each other up as well, so are likely to also experience the same growing pains. COVID-19 has also thrown up some issues as well, but I know that it’s all being worked on.

While five working days is the target response time for complaints, it’s also possible that you could get a reply faster than that. It partially depends on what’s happening behind the scenes.

However, I will make sure your thoughts and feedback are forwarded and looked into. Thanks for understanding

Blastoise186 For many years I have been an OVO customer was involved early doors in the set up of this forum and often had conversations with OVO management. I recently recommended my granddaughter so you can imagine how let down I feel. Prior to moving I agreed terms for our new home and my plan includes dual fuel and all of the terms are in place and monthly payments at agreed levels paid so in my experience this is a contract. I have fulfilled my side of the contract but OVO have not fulfilled their side of the contract. So it should be simple and if I had only spoken to one person at OVO I might have some confidence that there was an easy solution but I have spoken to a number of OVO people and so far we are getting nowhere. If you have someone who can wave a magic wand or do their job then many thanks. 

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I’m not sure about a magic wand, but I can try to call in @Tim_OVO for help with this.

I chat with Tim on a regular basis and he does help out a lot wherever possible. This thread is on the list of ones I’ll bring up in the morning as I do recognise the need to resolve this one. Please bear with me on this and I promise that I’ll try and get some progress. As one of the forum volunteers, I regularly touch base with the community and I do keep track of regular issues. I hope we can turn things around for you.

As I have said many thanks for your interest I look forward to hearing something in the not too distant future.  I have had a vague holding type email response this morning and mentions another 17 days but what this is to achieve I have no idea.  

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Here I am!


Thanks for raising this and going into detail, @DaveS. I’m still not 100% on this. Please correct me if I’m wrong with the following summary:


  1. You have a dual fuel (elec and gas) account at your old address, which is now closed.
  2. You moved into a new property that also has dual fuel and initiated a switch to OVO
  3. Only the electricity part of the account is ‘live’, being billed and now has a smart meter fitted. 

Whilst I can’t offer solutions here due to a lack of customer details (not to mention an active and open complaint with us), I’m keen to make sure I understand and can document this as we move to get it sorted. Or document any limitations that will prevent a fix….

Tim there is an active complaint logged with OVO and I am waiting for a call back. 

Yes to item 1. Item 2 not quite right, the house we moved into wasn’t serviced by OVO but we did ask OVO to initiate a switch from previous provider to previous owner of the property. Yes to item 3.

Basically the electric guys took our instructions on board read the address that we gave them correctly and initiated the supply of electricity without a problem. The gas guys quite obviously got the address wrong, therefore the meter wrong and the people at the wrong address refused a switch.

I advised or should say reiterated numerous times to OVO of the correct address, I told them our meter serial number and also supplied them with a photograph of the meter. I also provided them with details of the owner/provider of the gas supply to our property with contact details and the account number.

I am currently advised that the OVO system doesn’t allow a single gas supply even though we contracted to a dual fuel supply, so nothing can be done by the level of people I have been speaking to so has to be elevated. So right now I am waiting for a call back from a lady I believe called Frankie who tried calling me earlier this afternoon when unfortunately it wasn’t convenient for me to talk.

Was expecting a call back in an hour but this hasn’t happened so complaints must be very busy.


Tim Francesca is the lady I was expecting to call back but she has sent me an email explaining that she needs to discuss with a colleague who is on leave so can expect a call on Monday.

Complaint reference is 00632969

I just don’t understand why it is so difficult to get the gas switched it is weeks since I provided details of the correct meter, yet it is only this week after contacting OVO that I hear it is a system problem that is now stopping the gas switch.

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Thanks for this update, @DaveS and I hope the call today goes well!


A few things crop up in my mind about your recent replies:


Item 2 not quite right, the house we moved into wasn’t serviced by OVO but we did ask OVO to initiate a switch from previous provider to previous owner of the property. 



Usually you will take responsibility of the property and its utilities and then initiate a switch to your preferred supplier. So you should be on supply with the original supplier at least initially. 


Basically the electric guys took our instructions on board read the address that we gave them correctly and initiated the supply of electricity without a problem. The gas guys quite obviously got the address wrong, therefore the meter wrong and the people at the wrong address refused a switch.



It does sound like an ‘erroneous transfer’ to me. This can happen for any number of reasons, but we can return that supply. Not ideal for sure, especially in light of providing lots of info as you did. 


I am currently advised that the OVO system doesn’t allow a single gas supply even though we contracted to a dual fuel supply,



Is it that the OVO billing platform won’t allow for a single gas supply to be applied for and added? We would need to apply for the gas, and add it to the account with your electric supply. Francesca will be best placed to confirm the latest way round for this, it might be a move to the legacy billing platform if need be…..


Keep us updated if you can! 


Sadly Francesca wasn’t able to sort it out and is waiting for a colleague to return to work today so I am still waiting to hear.