How can I get my MPAN/meter details corrected with my previous supplier? Switch is stuck and haven't been final billed!

  • 23 May 2022
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I moved houses back in late Jan 2022 and switched to OVO on 13 Feb. Previously, the flat was with EDF. OVO installed a smart meter for electricity on 4 March. There is no note of the old meter number (that meter had EDF written on it), or its readings anywhere on the OVO’s first bill - it shows only a standing charge for 13 Feb - 12 March.

I just discovered I kept getting online bills on my EDF account that I inherited when moving into the property, clocking over £120 from Feb to May (I did pay them once back in Feb and thought that was the end of the transition, but clearly it wasn’t the case).  Of course, it was my bad for not catching this much earlier, but I’ve had a lot going on with our disabled daughter and another large house move.  I got in touch with EDF and they have different MPAN to the flat compared to the one on the OVO bill (it’s different by 1 digit only, probably someone somewhere made a typo). EDF insisted that OVO got a wrong MPAN and said that my OVO account needs to be closed, and then OVO needs to apply for a transfer again.  EDF refused to give me a final bill based on the photo of the meter I have from 13 Feb (entry reading for OVO).

Now, I called OVO, and the OVO agent said to check with UK power networks and confirmed that the MPAN OVO has is a correct MPAN. So apparently, EDF had a wrong MPAN all along, but the correct meter (old meter serial number is shown correctly on the EDF bill). So OVO agent said that as they have the correct MPAN, the problem is with EDF, and there is no case for closing  my account and then doing the transfer again. ( Neither would I want that) 

Called  back to EDF and they said that as the old meter number is nowhere in OVO bills and the final reading of that old meter was not recorded by OVO, OVO would need to submit for erroneous transfer. EDF refused to update my  bill based on the photo of the old meeter I had on the transfer date in order for me to pay it and close the account with EDF.

Now, I’m 99% sure that when I call OVO tomorrow, there is no way they would file for erroneous transfer. I’d like to stay with OVO, without any interruptions in my account, but I don’t want to keep paying to both EDF and OVO. 

So what do I do? Is there an adjudicator between networks?  Can I just insist on my final meter reading with EDF and plain refuse their assertion that I still have an account with them? I am completely lost in this. Please help.


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This does sound like a really tricky one, @sasha1504.


As you mention our Support Team have confirmed that we’ve switched the correct MPAN for your address, I’m wondering whether there might be a similar address listed on the national database which is confusing things. Have you confirmed your address matches the way your home is listed by Royal Mail? This might help get to the bottom of things. 


If there’s a similar address listing, the MPAN can be used to identify each supply as these are unique to each home. If the MPAN listed on your OVO account doesn’t match the MPAN on your previous energy bills this does suggest we may have requested the wrong supply (in which case an Erroneous Transfer of this supply would be needed). However this should be cross-referenced against the meter serial numbers to double-check.

As you mention receiving an opening statement which hasn’t included any electricity charges we’d recommend highlighting this to our Support Team. We need to agree your opening readings with your previous supplier, usually within 6 weeks of your switch date, so if these are missing or seem incorrect we may need to investigate this further (which will hopefully help resolve the address/MPAN confusion too).


I’m hoping this information helps - Let us know when you manage to get things worked out.




I have just moved intoo property OVO supply I'm disabled the meter is in £101.25 of debt there was £3 left of the £30 emergency so I had too top up but most of that has went too debt my name is Johnathon don't have account number yet *edited by mod* could someone help me please

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I’m sorry, Johnny, but there’s no help available until 9 o’clock tomorrow morning Saturday 23 December. See here for details: When is OVO open over the holidays? | The OVO Forum ( 

Have a look at What to do in an Emergency - OVO EnergyRunning out of credit on a Pay As You Go meter | OVO Energy and Payment Support | OVO Energy as well.  

I hope you get this sorted out so you can have a happy Christmas.


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Hey @Johnnyd1,


I hope this has now been sorted for you?


When moving into a property that is pay as you go, you’ll need to contact the team to put the account in your name. 


How to get in contact about my OVO Pay As You Go account


  • The best way to get in touch with us is via chat here. Just click the green chat icon on the bottom right of your screen. We’re here to help anytime from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 2pm on Saturday.
  • Or call us on 0330 175 9669 during the same times.


If you’re with Boost


Our pay as you go hub has tons of helpful topics you may find useful:



If you or anyone in your household is vulnerable, or just needs a little extra assistance at a difficult time in your lives, our Priority Services Register is a free support service you might find useful.


If you’re not sure Pay As You Go is right for you, and are interested in switching to pay monthly you can contact the Pay As You Go Support Team

There are also tons of helpful resources and information available on our OVO Help pages.