Can I choose my supply switching date? - I want to switch at the end of my current contract...

  • 26 January 2018
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I am about a month from the end of the contract with my current supplier and considering switching to Ovo. I am currently on a 12 month fixed contract with my current supplier and want to ensure that the switch over date to Ovo is the the same as the end date for my existing supplier contract. How do I go about ensuring that?

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Great to hear about your planned switch to OVO

As you mention your fixed plan ends this month, this means you’re currently in your renewal window. During this time you’re free to switch suppliers without being charged any exit fees. This requirement is enforced by Ofgem so applies to all fixed plans offered by any energy company.

When you request a switch, you’ll get the option to choose your starting date, from the next working day up until 29 days notice. You might plan your switch date to coincide with the end of your current plan however, as you’re in the last 7 weeks of this contract you won’t be charged any exit fees even if the dates overlap. 

Once you’ve got your starting date set, the best way to monitor your switch and submit your opening meter readings when the time comes is via your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


Can’t wait to have you onboard!:deciduous_tree:


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Many thanks, big help. Yes had heard there is period at the end of the end of an existing contract that a supplier can no longer charge an exit fee. I too have also switched before for energy and other products but was uncertain on this point. Switch in progress!
Hi, I am switching to Ovo however energy supply date is 7th of June. I wish to bring it forward to 31st of May. I am on online tariff. Not sure how to communicate with OVO regarding this.
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Hey @Mona - I've moved your post onto this topic where you can find more information on your query. Hope it helps!
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Hi @Mona. There are two factors in a switch date being proposed.

A. There needs to be sufficient time for your application to be lodged with the relevant National Meter Database. This is ECOES for electricity and Xoserve for gas. These two independent bodies then send notifications to your existing Energy Supplier(s) and there are time-frames dictated by Ofgem for certain levels of response to be given.

It isn't possible for the new Receiving Supplier to set a switch-date earlier than these time-frames specify. They are there partially to enable checks to be made, such as verifying that the correct meter numbers are being requested, and partially to protect you from a 3rd party fraudulently attempting to take over your energy account(s).

B. Not all switch dates are possible. Energy Suppliers normally open a number of new accounts in a batch. Thus, they might decide to start new accounts on Tuesdays and Thursdays, for example. This is due to internal controls. Every step of the process must be logged and this can be audited by Ofgem on demand.

You can always message customer service through the webchat on the Help Centre and state your preference, but please understand that they may not be able to accede to your request.

Thanks Nancy and Transparent, its really helpful xx

Dear OVO team


My name is Tal Agranov, and I live in Cambridge UK

My spouse and I are moving to a new apartment in Cambridge on December 10th, and we would like to set up an OVO electricity and gas plan there.


When I started the "get a quote" procedure on your website, I could not find a start date option (it seems that the chosen start date is imediate)


How can I set the start date to December 10th?




Tal Agranov

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Welcome aboard @Tal Agranov !

Congratulations on the new house. I do have some good news here actually. This is indeed possible to do, as it actually takes around 14 days to switch supplier. If you were to start the process today, you’d be able to come on-supply with OVO for both fuels pretty close to the 10th December. It might not be bang on, but it should be pretty close.


If you’re already with OVO at your current address and don’t plan to continue living where you are now, please don’t forget to let OVO know about this too! You can do that within MyOVO.


Don’t worry about not having a supply when you first move in. The existing supplier will cover you for the gap and you’d only have to pay them for maybe a couple of days usage.

Make sure you grab an opening reading on the day you move in and submit that to OVO too. You’ll need to phone the support team if you don’t have access to your account at that point.

If you need any more help, please feel free to let us know here. We’ll be happy to help you out as much as you need. :)


Good luck with your house move!

P.S. check out this really helpful guide too:

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Just like @Blastoise186 advised, we can’t fix a switch date in stone, @Tal Agranov but any days inbetween you taking over responsibility of the property’s utilities and OVO taking over, the current supplier will charge you for. For that reason, it’s important to make them aware as soon as you move in, and give them the meter readings on that day. 


Also, you shouldn’t actually initiate a switch in supplier for a property until you have taken over responsibility of the property’s utilities.

Thank you Blastoise186 and Tim_OVO


This was very helpful




I’ve just signed up to Ovoenergy and want to switch over from my current supplier. I received my emailed welcome pack. However, I’ve noticed that the supply switch over date is the 2nd February 2021. 

My current contract comes to an end on 24th January 2021. I think there has been a mistake when entering my current tariff on the quote form. I wasn’t able to select my current tariff on your dropdown list as it wasn’t available so chose the nearest one but now that I think of it the expiry date must have been February!

Can someone please advise how I can change the switch over date to the correct one?

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Hi @marysenergy , welcome to OVO, and to the forums.

Please don’t worry about the gap between the dates in this case. What will happen is that your contract with the old supplier will end and transfer to their Standard Variable tariff temporarily, on a rolling basis where you’re free to leave at anytime. You won’t be locked in anymore and this won’t block the switch to OVO.

For the period between the 24th January to the 2nd February, you’ll simply be on the most expensive but “unlocked” tariff with your old supplier. From the 2nd February, OVO will take over the supply and your old supplier will step back. They should also be in touch soon to confirm the switch is underway.

I hope this helps, but if you’re still unsure, please feel free to let me know.

Thanks for your comment @Blastoise186 and for replying so fast. I appreciate it. I just didn’t want to have to pay exhorbitant fees  for the 10 days in between the switch.  I hadn’t realised that it takes so long to get switched over or am I missing something?:smirk:

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You’re welcome @marysenergy .

The entire switch process takes six to eight weeks to go all the way through, but only two weeks to come on-supply with the new supplier (the rest is just back office tasks).

It’s partially to allow you the option to withdraw, but also to allow both suppliers time to take care of things between each other.

OVO showing start date on 18/6 not the 1/6 which I want. How do I change please?

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Hi @willnjo ,

Are you switching to OVO from another supplier by any chance? If so, it takes roughly 14 days to come on-supply and I’m afraid this can’t be changed once the process starts.

If you chose a fixed rate deal, the agreed rates will be locked in for the entire term though