Can I choose my supply switching date? - I want to switch at the end of my current contract...

  • 26 January 2018
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I am about a month from the end of the contract with my current supplier and considering switching to Ovo. I am currently on a 12 month fixed contract with my current supplier and want to ensure that the switch over date to Ovo is the the same as the end date for my existing supplier contract. How do I go about ensuring that?

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4 replies

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Great to hear about your planned switch to OVO

As you mention your fixed plan ends this month, this means you’re currently in your renewal window. During this time you’re free to switch suppliers without being charged any exit fees. This requirement is enforced by Ofgem so applies to all fixed plans offered by any energy company.

When you request a switch, you’ll get the option to choose your starting date, from the next working day up until 29 days notice. You might plan your switch date to coincide with the end of your current plan however, as you’re in the last 7 weeks of this contract you won’t be charged any exit fees even if the dates overlap. 

Once you’ve got your starting date set, the best way to monitor your switch and submit your opening meter readings when the time comes is via your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS).


Can’t wait to have you onboard!:deciduous_tree:


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I want to switch but being unemployed I won't be able to pay a fee before my account is up and running and the switch has begun. 




Is it possible tswitch suppliers without extra money being spent?

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Nope! You won’t have to worry. Fee free if you want to do that. You only pay after the switch commences.

Thank you 😊