2 meters with 2 MPANs- can I switch to OVO?

  • 23 November 2018
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I'm looking to change suppliers and Ovo is definitely high on the list.

However I am told we are a bit unusual, we have two meters, one to do the cheap nighttime electricity, and one to do the day rate, so that means two MPAN numbers etc.

Is this something Ovo can accommodate? I had another supplier tell me they could but it would mean two standing charges, which is definitely something we don't currently pay to one of the big suppliers.


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Great question this one and it’s one that has been asked here before, by users with a similar set-up,



As these complex-meter set-up are usually paired with a non-standard dual-rate plan, it’s worth mentioning here that at OVO we only offer a standard Economy 7 plan. If your current plan offers more hours off-peak energy or a heating circuit running on a cheaper tariff a switch to OVO may not be supported or may require a change to your meter set-up before you apply.


If you haven’t already we’d recommend speaking to your current supplier about the possibility of replacing your current meter set-up with a dual-rate smart meter. These can now be installed by most suppliers with an extra port which makes them compatible for those with storage heaters - read more about this here. Not only would this make switching suppliers much easier in future it also provides some more great benefits.


If your current supplier is unable to install a smart meter but you’d still like to discuss the possibility of switching to OVO we’d recommend reaching out to the Support Team, who can advise whether we’d be able to offer an appropriate plan to support your exact set-up.


Hope this helps.