Why is my IHD no longer shows a standing charge?

  • 31 March 2024
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Until recently, my Chameleon IHD used to show a standing charge.  I went through it a couple of days ago, and it has stopped showing this.  The meter still identifies a charge of 50.5p per day.  I had heard somewhere that standing charges were to be banned for prepayment customers, and was wondering if that applies to credit meter accounts too.  


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3 replies

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Hi @cfaulk50 , no unfortunately standing charges are still in place. In fact for the next round of price caps, in most places they are increasing. 
Your meter (not your IHD) will have the correct info alongside your plan page. 

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It’s also possible the next tariff rate has been pre-configured in the meter and it’s just waiting for a go-live date to fire - that can sometimes fix this.

But those Standing Charges aren’t going away anytime soon - I can tell you that much.

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Hi @cfaulk50,

It looks like our volunteers have already made a great start in answering this for you. 

We have all our Smart meter and In-Home displays guides here which link out to meter manuals Those manuals will include how to see your unit rates and standing charges.

If you have any account specific questions you can reach out to our support team.

I hope this helps.