Smart meter Economy 7 boost button - what does it do?

I have noticed if I press the number 2 on the smart meter it gives me the option to switch boost on for 60 minutes is this normal as I can't find anything about it in the instruction booklet?


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Activating 'Boost' functionality on Liberty 110/112 meters

If you’ve got an Economy 7  Secure Liberty 110/112 (5-port) meter and you’d like to activate the appliance (usually storage heaters or underfloor heating) that is connected to your fifth terminal during peak hours, you can do so using the smart meter keypad.

You can activate this either on the IHD or the meter up to 10 times a day and this will turn on anything attached to the 5th terminal for 1 hour, charged at the your peak usage rate.


To activate the boost function:

  • Via the meter, press '2' on the keypad and press the 'A' button to activate - you'll hear a click when the boost has been activated and your meter display will read 'BOOST ON'
  • Via the IHD, press 'Dual Fuel' and then tap on the 'Status' button at the bottom of the screen on the electric side of the display - see the S1 Pipit guide here, and the S1 Chameleon guide here


SMETS2 and 5th port set ups:

We’re now able to fit SMETS2 smart meters for set ups requiring a 5th port/terminal connection, such as underfloor heating or storage heaters on economy 7 - More info here


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Ok Many thanks for your help in answering my question, Can you please explain how i can do the boost button on the IHD as i cant seem to find it.

Many thanks

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Hi @rob1420

As you will have some kind of heating appliance connected to your smart meters' fifth port, you should have a Pipet 500 In Home Display (IHD). With this IHD you need to go to 'Dual' button on the main menu, and then in the bottom left corner look for the 'Supply status' display. Click on that and then press 'Boost' if it's available.

You got an instruction booklet!! That's better than i got!

We are trying to use the boost function however when you press the number 2 is displays Not Used. How can I get access to the boos option?


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It sounds like the meter may not be set up as Economy 7, @Murrayl. If you use Facebook or Twitter send us a message there with your name, DoB and account number so we can check. You can also use webchat on the Help Centre.

Hi Eva

Thank you for your reply. The issue is now resolved. A new meter was installed yesterday and all working as it should. 

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Ah great to hear, @Murrayl, thanks for keeping us in the loop! 


Hi, i have a utilitia smart metre that i changed over to economy energy. Which has gone over to OVO. I was just wondering what does the boost button mean? I dont have storage heaters. 

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Take a look at this topic for more info, @Zopeawoo!