I'm still waiting for a gas smart meter due to a medium pressure supply - who can I contact?

  • 13 June 2018
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We had an engineer come round to fit gas and electricity smart meters. He couldn't fit the gas one, because the supply was the wrong pressure.

He promised an engineer would come within 2-3 months. Or so.

More than a year has elapsed. Who do I speak to?

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Sorry to hear about the delay in getting you upgraded to one of our SMETS 2 smart meters due to your medium pressure gas supply.


How can I tell if my gas supply is medium pressure?


  • The majority of gas supplies are low pressure (LP). A relatively small number of supplies are medium pressure (MP).
  • Most medium pressure supplies have a yellow or orange Emergency Control Valve (ECV) handle that indicates if a site is medium pressure. A red ECV indicates low pressure.
  • They should also be labelled to advise. On the below example, the text on the ECV advises the site is MP.



How do I upgrade to a smart meter with a medium pressure supply?


A medium pressure gas supply requires a Senior Meter Technician (SMT) engineer that's been through specific training. Medium pressure supplies are so rare which is why not all engineers are trained in them - our OVO technicians currently aren’t trained to install meters on medium pressure gas supplies.


If you’d like to request a smart meter exchange in this scenario, reach out to our Support Team. We’ll add your account to a waiting list and contact you as soon as a SMT engineer is available in your area. Due to the limited nature of these engineers we’re unable to guarantee a time frame for when this appointment may be scheduled, but we assure you smart meters are worth the wait!


In the meantime you can submit your meter readings on the ‘Meter Readings’ page of your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). 

Still waiting....
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Have you got in contact with our Customer Care team about this, @Pottsy?

We can check if you're on the waiting list, just send the team a message on FacebookTwitter or speak with them on our web chat through the Help Centre

Just done that, and yes I am still on the waiting list.
My meter is apparently a "medium pressure" meter. Seems to be a problem to most installers. Can OVO fit a new medium pressure gas meter????
And how long will it take, I se people on your forum have been waiting a year or more. This is a deal breaker for me.......
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Hey @Vinegarjoe - I've just moved your post to this topic about medium pressure meters. Unfortunately the wait for a specially trained engineer can be quite long. Relatively speaking we're still a fairly small energy company. In the interests of being honest and transparent, you may find that larger suppliers have a greater capacity to exchange them than we do.

Good luck with this one! I have been waiting over a year now and have been strung along appointment by appointment, the siemans contractor has kindly informed us after the 4th appointment that they can't even do medium pressure meter installations!!!

I was waiting on a appointment last Thursday the siemans guy arrived and left as he couldn't do medium pressure, so I contacted ovo, and a appointment was booked for today, and the same siemans engineer turned up!!!

Wasted days and only a half hearted apology!