Indra LUX EV Charger compatible with Ovo Charge Anytime?



Indra recently released a new smart charger. Indra LUX. I believe this is the upgraded version of the Indra Pro. 


Is OVO supporting this charger with the Charge Anytime EV tarif?


thank you

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Good question, @KlausM.


I’ve asked the team and as of yet the Indra LUX smart charger is not compatible with Charge Anytime. We won’t be able to suggest when or even if it that will change.


For anyone looking for Indra and Charge Anytime, we advise you purchase the Indra Smart Pro.


thank you for the swift reply @Tim_OVO 


It is a bit disappointing to hear that OVO has not been proactive to stay on the forefront of developments with their partner Indra to make sure the latest products are compatible, leaving customers with the only option to buy an old charging device 

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From what I hear, @KlausM we’re working flat out to unlock eligibility with smart charger and EV manufactures.


What EV do you have? We do have Charge Anytime with direct-to-vehicle