Does the insulation on my Air-Source Heat pump installation look sufficient?

  • 21 June 2022
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We have just had an air source heat pump installed. I am concerned about the insulation and found your forum very helpful. 10m of pipe work from ASHP to house. 13mm insulation. See photos. Would be interested in your opinion. Thank you 


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4 replies

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Hi @Low68 and welcome to the OVO online community,


It’s so great to hear about your newly installed Air-Source Heat Pump (hello shiny forum badge too!⭐).


Sounds like you’ve already found our Heat pump pipe insulation guide (if not check it out here), so I’m wondering if any of our lovely ASHP community members might be able to offer some advice on whether your installation looks up to scratch. @nealmurphy, @hydrosam , @M.isterW - What do you think, judging by the photos above? Something to raise to the installer perhaps? 

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Yes, unfortunately I don’t think that the insulation is up to scratch. My initial installation had a similar arrangement and was redone.

first thoughts are:

- The quality of fitting is poor.

- The grey insulation is not suitable for external use. 
- External insulation should be treated with UV resistant paint. 
- If your system is a monobloc or then the insulation depth should be 25mm, not 13mm. 
-Not insulation related but I can’t see isolating valves near the heat pump which is surprising.

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Nice to see someone else with a 10m run of pipework!

My thoughts are similar to @hydrosam 

Check the insulation is suitable for external use. I think it should be thicker than what you’ve got. I’d like to see the joints taped up and also have the insulation taken right up to the unit as any bare pipework will mean heat loss.

Also, the cable would be better in conduit for added protection.

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Once again, first hand experience of good and bad insulation for their heat pumps makes our members well placed to judge the work done on other sites. 


@Low68 we hope this helps. Are you able to contact your installers easily or are there already site visits planned?


How’s the heat pump running performance wise? 


Were you given some advice and guidance on how it operates and how it’s set up to run day to day?