What is the procedure for moving the security tags in the meter box outside?

  • 31 January 2018
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I need to disconnect the electric in my house to allow an electrician to move my fuse box. What is the procedure for moving the security tags in the metre box outside?

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Updated on 18/07/23 by Tim_OVO: In this scenario your first port of call would be to arrange with your energy supplier to have an isolator switch installed to allow for the work to your fuse box to be carried out safely by an electrician without it affecting the metering equipment.


If you can’t have an isolator fitted for a reason such as space restrictions then the supplier should be able to ‘de-energise’ the supply in the morning and ‘re-energise’ it in the afternoon. 


If the supplier doesn't offer this service another Safe Isolation Provider (SIP) or Distribution Network Operator (DNO) should be able to support.


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Hi @Transparent - this is an exceptionally detailed and helpful response, which over 7000 people have viewed so far. 


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We need to change the start of 2nd para. It incorrectly states that the meter is the responsibility of the DNO. In fact we also need a link there to the Topic about “Who Owns What?

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