How can I change my email address on my OVO account?

Hi, just switched to OVO from Scottish Power and I would like to change email address as my partner set up the account using her email but as I will be paying the bills I would like all correspondence sent straight to me rather than having to keep emailing my partner every time there is something to get done. Is this possible Thanks, Alex Aiken

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I need to let you know my new email address
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I need to let you know my new email address

Sure thing! Send us a private message on Facebook confirming the following and I can get this updated for you.

- Your OVO account number
- Your DoB
- Your full name
- Your old email address
- Your new email address

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Great question to ask about how you’re able to update the email address we’ve got registered on your OVO account.


The easiest way to get this changed is by logging in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS). Head over to the ‘Profile’ page on the top right of the banner,


Exact appearance may vary


By clicking on the ‘Edit account details’ button, you’ll access this page,


Exact appearance may vary

​​​​This page allows you to change the contact details on your account.

If you’re unable to access your online account to be able to update these details yourself or you don’t already have an email address linked to the account, reach out to the Support Team who’ll be happy to make the changes.



Hi Team,
I am a new customer for OVO .
I have account id but I am not able to login to online portal MY OVO as my email id is not registered with you (which I believe i shared with your customer contact representative) .
How can i get my email id mapped to account id in order to use online services.

Bhuwan Pandey
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@bhuwanpandey the 'best answer' here will help - sounds like we need to change this at our end: 0330 303 5063
I have received a text to tell me my auto top up has failed and the number provided to call is no longer in use, how do I contact OVO to reset everything, this is urgent as I am going to run out of credit and have no other way of topping up
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I have received a text to tell me my auto top up has failed and the number provided to call is no longer in use, how do I contact OVO to reset everything, this is urgent as I am going to run out of credit and have no other way of topping up

Hi @Ruth Bowers - you should be able to log in using your OVO ID, and then follow the instructions above to change the registered email address in MyOVO.

To make sure we're sending account info to the correct email address, call us to get this changed: 0330 303 5063

I hope this finds you well. I have a few queries with regards to account **edited by moderator**. Please see below:

  • I can't get access to my account details, profile, bills, etc. I would like to change an email address as the old one on there is no longer active and also view usage.
  • I have been receiving bills now since January/February, all of them consistently around £60. I received one today for £111 and wondered why this has gone up so much, especially considering it's the summer and the electric heating hasn't been switched on in months.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards
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Welcome to the forum @joegilliver1988, I've popped you post here and edited out your account number to keep your personal information safe.

Check out the answer below 👇🏼on how to change your email address.

Hi @aldo.4symbols
If your myovo account has gone live you can edit the email under "profile".
If its not up and running yet you can call customer service free (Note, you'll be amazed how quick they answer having switched from Scots) on 0330 303 5063, they may need your partner there to give consent to the change.
Or better still, contact ovo on their Facebook page - just have your account number, date of birth and postcode to hand :)
Hope this helps, if there anything else I can help with along the way please don't hesitate to get in touch,
Best wishes,
Bumblebee :)


it sounds like you have recently given us a reading resulting in the most recent large bill, if you've not given a reading in a while we use estimates to produce your statements. When we then get a reading we need to bill you up to date and catch up with potentially under estimated usage.

If this doesn't sound right, please get in touch with our team. You can send us a message on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat. Or you can give them a call, our Customer Care team are here 9-5 Monday-Friday on 0330 30 5063.

Hope this helps!


My email address has been deleted by Virgin and I am trying to inform OVo of my new address, but without success, probably because they send the answers to to my old address
Has anybody an answer to this?
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I've popped your post here, @meg , check out my above post. Welcome to the forum ☺️

Due to hacking I’ve had to change my email address, but Ovo are not responding to letter email or phone calls. 

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Hi @Harley1 and I’m sorry to hear of the hacking!


You can still log in using the email address that was hacked, it still works as a log in details. Once you’re logged in you, you can update the email address on your online account via the profile section here:


When you change the email address on your online account, it should update the email address linked to the account that agents see when you contact our Support team. If you think the change wasn’t made, our this be be done via an online chat.

I recently changed ISP and updated the log in details for my OVO account with my new email address. I have just received an email telling me about changes to my direct debit, but it was sent to my old email address (which fortunately is still working). I phoned to query why this had happened and it turns out that OVO have their own internal contact system and updating the email address on your log in details, doesn’t update the email address they use to contact you. There is no way that customers can do this themselves because it is an internal system. Surely this is barking mad - is there anyone who changes their email address, but wishes to be contacted on their old email address?? Perhaps there is?

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Hi @James Ross,


I’m sorry for the issues you’ve had.


When a customer changes their email via the online account, it should change it for both their contact and log in address.  I’m not sure what happened with your account and why the email address didn’t change. 


Maybe there’s more than one contact on the account and the other contact has your old email? That’s just a guess, but our Support team will be able to take a look and make sure the correct email address is linked up.


We’ve got a great guide here with more information:



Thank you for your feedback.


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Hi @zhansaya best not to put any private or personal info on here as this is a public forum 

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my old email  already delated 

You can change the email address associated with your OVO account on your profile page. However, it’s not clear what you mean by the title of your post. You may need access to the old account in order to prove to the site that you are who you say you are. I can’t be sure of this, because I haven’t tested the Edit email function.

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Hey @zhansaya,


Welcome to the OVO Online Community,


If you’re unable to change your email address via the Online Account or have lost access to that email address, you can contact Support


Hope this helps. 

Emails getting sent to wrong email address.

correct one on account details.

I’ve spent nearly 3 hours trying to get an answer on chat! Think there’s only one person dealing with messages. Anyone else has same

problem. Want to get an answer

to why they are sending

emails saying need to pay bill

within 14 days yet it was paid over a

week ago. So not happy. Phone just as bad

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Hey @IChap55,


Really sorry to hear this,


I’d advise calling Support on 0330 303 5063, they’ll be able to look into why you’ve been receiving these emails incorrectly and update your email address. 


Keep us posted with how you get on. 

Emmanuel-OVO - tried yesterday, the wait was almost as long as chat. Finally wrote them an email to which I’m waiting on an answer

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@IChap55 vote for this if you don't think OVO has sufficient capacity in their support team


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I am changing Intwrnet providers, so my old email address will no longer be in use.


I have changed it on my account, and verified the link on my new email, but I can't log into my Ovo App. Can anyone help and tell me why I can't log into my app?? I am ready to pull my hair out!!! 


Also, I can't seem to change my email address on my forum account, can anyone tell me how to do this please??


Many thanks in advance for solutions to these issues



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Hi @Caino1978 ,

For your Forum Account, please ping an email over to from your registered email address requesting that it be updated. A forum moderator will be able to help with that.

As for the app, it takes time for your account to update. Try again this Friday and it should work!