IHD3 Smart meter CAD version, as it supports own WIFI, yet only some providers use it

  • 23 December 2019
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As I now understand it, about the smart 2 systems display unit.


There seems to be 2 types of the same IDH3 units.  CAD version & NON CAD Versions,    

It is explained In the manufacturers PDF file.   Available from their website



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Some providers are using IHD3-PPMID-V2  ( this does NOT have the WIFI option )


However, the  IHD3-CAD-PPMID DOES have the wifi option on it.  In the settings menu.


Lots of other suppliers use the wifi version,  & they tell you to turn the wifi on if you can.

    Our house, has virgin media broadband 350gb,  so we have perfect wifi, that could use the cad version.   It also says it uses your WIFI to upgrade the firmware etc.


For those people with their own wifi it may be a great blessing,  but the smart 2 meters can work on their own, With your own wifi,  it just gives & receives clearer more reliable data,   in your smart meter had a poor signal.


Given what the other providers say, you should turn on the wifi if you can, they recommend it, & if these smart 2 systems are supposed to be all the same,


It needs answering,  why some providers like EDF have chosen an inferior same model option,  & yet such as the Bulb energy,  tell you to use the wifi as an additional if you have it, they recommend you use it, with wifi switched on, & connected to your home system... 


If the smart meter system was standard, how come some providers use the IHD3

with wifi option, & yet others without the wifi option.  I was not given an option.


With Smart Meters 2, both the gas & electric meters have their own smart cards, which transmit the data each separately  to the provider, & the meters, to the display unit


Will the wifi version, help out in a bad signal area, & will it back transmit the meter readings to the display, & then back to energy provider etc.


It does say, with the wifi model, it will update, the display & smart meters, firmware etc.




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Thanks for the news @Smart781.

OVO are evaluating possible use of the CAD version of the Chameleon IHD. However the connection across the internet is not a duplicate path for meter readings.

Energy Suppliers may use the WiFi link for differing reasons, but it should not be deployed in any scenario where SMETS commands can be forwarded to the Communication Hub or the meters themselves. This would compromise the security of the UK domestic energy supply system because the internet could be hacked by 3rd parties with malicious intent.