Enable the ability to submit FiT/SEG Readings and account management via MyOVO

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This seems to be a hot topic, but it would be useful to enable submitting FiT and SEG readings via MyOVO as well as having some form of basic account management to reduce the load on the FiT and SEG Teams.

Mostly just where payments need to be sent, submitting meter readings and viewing the history. Nothing too fancy!

Thanks for this idea, @Blastoise186 - makes sense to me. Let’s open it up for votes...

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We’ve had an update on this idea. 


This isn’t something that we’re going to be looking into at the moment - this is due to Feed in tariff accounts (FiT) being run from a different backend system which isn’t integrated in the same way that OVO customers’ domestic billing accounts are.  


Also the number of customers on fits means the total population of customers is relatively low.  The idea was raised previously in house and was rejected due to the above reasons.


I’ll now be changing the status of this Idea as this isn’t being moved forward. Thanks again for this suggestion. 

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Hi Tim

the cynic in me expected your response- what I don’t understand is, you say

Also the number of customers on fits means the total population of customers is relatively low. 

Then why am I still waiting for a response from the fit team regarding my email to them on 3 September giving them a reading and my other info? The auto response says 4 weeks wait for a response. No doubt the fit team will claim they are inundated with readings which does not tally with your response. Please explain.

Hi @Lesleyb 


I’m sorry to hear about that delay. Our FiT team will be replying to you as soon as possible. 


I also take your point that it sounds like a contradiction to say FiT accounts are low volume but also this FiT team are busy. Customers that are part of OVO Group are somewhere around 5 million. It’s this base that the product team relate to about a feature improvement that only affects a portion of that customer base. When you need to make a choice, which choice will have the greatest impact for the greatest number of customers to help us on our mission. 


All that said, we have an obligation to reply to you and your FIT query. Well done for emailing the FiTs team and if that 4 weeks time frame is missed, feel free to send me a private message so I can chase it up. 

@Tim_OVO if the IT system can't be changed, are there any other process improvements or staffing changes for FIT customers that OVO are considering?





That’s a tricky one to answer from my seat, @Jeffus. I know the team are working flat out to get to every feed in tariff question and it would make sense to expand this team or allow these queries to be answered by our main Support team, as well as any improvements to self serving options wherever possible…


If anything changes I now have this idea to come back to with an update.