We’re now installing solar - the brighter way to generate electricity at home

  • 19 June 2023
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We’re now installing solar - the brighter way to generate electricity at home
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We’re delighted to announce that we’re now offering solar to both OVO and non-OVO Energy customers.


Solar power is a fantastic way to generate your own renewable energy and gain energy independence. Switching to solar and pairing this with a battery can help you to save up to £1300 off your electricity bills (1), and reduce your carbon emissions by up to one tonne every year! (2)

See our solar product page.


What are we offering?


With our full solar package, we’ll install black solar panels, a solar inverter and a battery, meaning you can store any surplus energy that you generate! 

If you’re an OVO Energy customer and you choose solar panels and a battery, you’ll also benefit from our best in market Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) rate of 20p per kWh at any time of the day. (3)


To find out how much you could save with solar, visit the dedicated solar section on our website.


Why choose OVO for solar?


We understand that choosing to go solar is a big decision. OVO Energy is trusted by over 4 millions households across the UK, and we’ll be on hand to support at every stage of your solar journey. 


There’s never been a better time to switch to solar. 


Who’s Eligible?


This is brand new from OVO, so whilst our solar packages may not be available in your area yet, we’re quickly expanding and we’ll be with you soon!

Interested? Head over to the solar section of our website to find out more!


We have tons of great topics about Solar Energy and all things green tech on the OVO Forum. Why not head to our dedicated My Smart Home area where you can ask questions, check out our handy Articles, FAQs and Tutorials and start discussions with other Community Members!


  1. The actual saving is £1,328 - correct at 1 October 2023. To reach this savings claim we’ve utilised the standardised guidance and calculations from MCS. The claim is based on the following assumptions 1) Your home is on the South Coast of the UK 2) You have a south facing roof that’s not shaded and sloped at 41° 3) You have 12 415W solar panels and a 9.5 kWh battery installed 4) You’re home all day with an annual electricity consumption of 3,100 kWh per year, pay 27p per kWh for your electricity unit rate (our Standard Variable Rate correct at 1 October 2023) this does not include your energy standing charge. 5) You are signed up to our exclusive SEG rate for customers who purchase solar & battery from us 6) You use 51% of what you generate and receive a separate payment unit rate of £0.20p for the remaining 49% that you export.
  2. Solar electricity is a low carbon, renewable energy. According to the Energy Saving Trust, a typical home solar system could save around one tonne of carbon per year. This will depend on where you live in the UK, how many solar panels you have, and how much electricity you use from your solar panels.
  3.  If you buy solar panels and a battery from us, and OVO supply your energy, you'll be eligible for our market leading anytime rate of 20p per kWh rate (correct at 7 June 2023). You'll need to sign up to our SEG tariff to get this rate. You’ll also need a smart meter. ​​​​​

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Great initiative taken.