The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro is now compatible with Charge Anytime

The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro is now compatible with Charge Anytime
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Since we launched the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro, we've been working with Hypervolt to make the charger compatible with Charge Anytime. And now we have some exciting news!


Who is Hypervolt?

Hypervolt is a UK-based manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers. They focus on powerful software, design, and user experience. They also have a Trustpilot score of 4.9/5, so we know you’ll be getting one of the best EV charging experiences around. 


What are they offering?

  • The Hypervolt Home 3 Pro EV charger is now compatible with Charge Anytime – in a trial phase.  That means any customers with a Hypervolt charger can add Charge Anytime to their OVO energy plan – even without a compatible EV.
  • Because the Hypervolt Home 3 Pro charger is in a trial phase, it might not have all the Charge Anytime features yet. Check our Charge Anytime trial terms page to find out what you can expect.
  • You can also customise your Hypervolt charger. You can choose from 3 cable lengths up to 10m, and 3 colour options – so you can personalise the charger to suit your home and lifestyle. Find out more here


What’s Charge Anytime? 

  • It’s our smart charging add-on, that gives you smart charging for 7p per kWh – that’s under 2p per mile1– at any time of the day or night. 
  • Our clever tech means you’ll always charge when the grid is cheapest and greenest2. So it’s better for your wallet, and the planet too. 


To be eligible for Charge Anytime, you’ll need to:


Where can I find more information and sign up?

For full information about Hypervolt and Charge Anytime head to our website at


1 The 2p a mile claim is based on an EV customer driving the UK average of 7,000 miles at an average of 4 miles per kWh. The Charge Anytime add-on rate on 01/01/2024 is 7p per kWh. Actual sum per mile is 1.75p. Individual costs will vary based on your vehicle efficiency and driving style.

2 Our smart tech aims to charge your car when the grid has more renewable energy in it, within the time you’ve set. Meaning it’s less likely your EV will be charged by energy from fossil fuels.

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