Superuser Alert!!!

  • 15 September 2017
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Great news, as of this evening we have our second superuser on our forum!!!

Massive congratulations to @Aadil!!!!! Brilliant work!

A great reward for the enthusiasm he has for OVO and for being part of our forum family!

We now have 2 superusers to help us continue to grow our forum family and support each other along with a load of great members that we love seeing getting stuck in!!

Lets keep the conversation going, have fun and lets celebrate another forum milestone!

Join the celebration @Lucy_OVO, @Mattj3135, @Emily_OVO, @BrizzleLass, @Fred Rick, @Tim_OVO, @Emma_OVO, @Polly (great to see you've added a pic), @Emma_G, @Smiter, @B4xsy, @sam_cat and anyone else that would like to say hi and well done to Aadil!

Well done Aadil!! I wonder who will be next.....


10 replies

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Woo! Congratulations @Aadil you're climbing to great heights!
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Woo! Congratulations @Aadil you're climbing to great heights!

Lol @BrizzleLass it's all very exciting!

Love this forum.
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Well done @Aadil!!!
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Woo! Congratulations @Aadil you're climbing to great heights!

Lol @BrizzleLass it's all very exciting!

Love this forum.

Well deserved @Aadil!!!!!!! 🆒
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Congratulations @Aadil
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Soooooo good news!

We have 2 new superusers in our OVO Forum family!!

Big congrats to @Transparent and @ScottishPowerRSmelly!!!

They have been super busy across the forum since they joined, something we definitely encourage!!

@Tim_OVO and I were lucky enough to meet @Transparent in person yesterday as he dropped into the office!! We had to agree, what a knowledgeable guy!

Was great to meet him and he has a lot of great knowledge on new energy technology and renewables, so any question about that, he'll be sure to have an opinion and offer some advice!

They join @Emma_G, @Mw2870 and @stateofit!

Join me in congratulating them both!!

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Thanks @Darran_OVO :D

Yes, it was good to chat with you and @Tim_OVO over a cuppa.

I was actually in Bristol for another reason, which is worthwhile sharing here.

There a really significant changes coming to the UK Electricity Market in the next couple of years. Yesterday I met with a number of representatives from organisations who are trialling OpenLV.

The OpenLV system is designed by EA Technology. It places smart monitors in Low Voltage (240v) substations which can transmit the status of current being drawn by individual feeds from that station. It's rather like having a set of Smart Meters at your sub-station.

A typical substation might serve up to 200 homes via three or four feeds, each of which has 3-phases. An OpenLV data-stream can be picked up by the National Grid, or OVO or an App on my Smartphone.

This presents the possibility of an Energy Supplier offering different tariffs during different time-slots of the day depending the loading of that particular customer's sub-station feed. So if a number of my neighbours have grid-connected PV panels, I might be offered low-cost electricity in the middle of a sunny day rather than the more coarse option of a cheaper Economy-7 tariff after midnight. After all, if I use the power locally, then it doesn't load the grid itself.

The days of signing up to a 12-month fixed-price tariff from a comparison site are fast coming to an end.

Neat huh?!
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Firstly a massive thank you for the warm welcome! 🙂

And if ever I can help anyone feel to get in touch on here or inbox of course,

I am very good with questions relating to customer services, fuel poverty, energy saving, help for disabled customers, and most things really!

For all things "techie" Transparent is your person as I walk in Transparents shadow LOL!

Big congratulations to Transparent also :D

I'm around a lot so will always aim to help.

With thanks to everyone at OVO and all the lovely mods who have made me feel so welcome :)

Best wishes,

Tristan 🙂
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Congratulations! 😃 (Edit: Oh wait, I have just realised I am 11 months late..... It's Monday....)