Wrong billing after switching to OVO

  • 19 September 2023
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I switched to OVO in January, Between  January to June I had apparently used £2500+ worth of electricity.  An engineer came to check my smart meter in June because the smart meter was not sending any reading. The smart meter was fixed and started sending meter readings. I was told the readings will get backdated and the adjustment will be made to my billings. That has still not happened. I made an official complaint to on the 1st of August with evidence of what I have actually been spending since the beginning of the year. I called the customer service to start a case to resolve this.  I have still not gotten any kind of response.

What else can I do to get a response because this is annoying


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Hey @Pdidi,


Sorry to hear this,


Were the initial meter readings used to open your account accurate? If not, you may need a meter reading dispute to correct your billing. 



If the meter readings afterwards were estimated then when a new meter reading is submitted the account balance should alter accordingly as we have a live billing system.  The previous bills wouldn’t be re-produced but your new bill would show the drop in meter readings and your account balance on the account should show a more accurate figure. If this isn’t the case, I'd advise reaching out to the support team


Can you see your accurate meter reads on the Online Account? 



If your meter isn’t in communications, or loses communications again you are able to submit meter readings manually to ensure you don’t get estimated bills:



Hope this helps. 


I’ve just read my first OVO bill (after migration from SSE).  Knowing my billing date, I gave readings on that date.  My bill says:

5th September… you gave 12345

Closing read as of 5th September...Estimated 12360

They’ve added a few units to my true reading and billed me on that.  Why?

While I’m here, I can’t seem to find an email address for OVO other than which I suspect won’t be used for general enquiries.  Do they have other usable email addresses?  Do they have an online chat facility?

Thank you.

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Hi @andykelp , looking at various feedback it’s shown that a reading early on the day after your end billing date is better. 
The main reason is that they add some estimation on from your reading to the end of that day whereas an early reading the next day is seen as a full day 🤷‍♂️

They haven’t used email much although that might be changing

and yes, there is a chat facility 

Webchat  -

Thanks for that, BP.  The chat box was blocked by my Firefox settings so for anyone else with that problem, use Edge.