Would you recommend switching to OVO Energy?

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Is Ovo energy a good energy supplier ? Just signed up with them.


Best answer by Blastoise186 8 May 2022, 21:03

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Hey @Jacko6625 ,

I’m Blastoise186, one of the forum volunteers around here. In the interests of full disclosure, I do not work for OVO myself and have never worked in the energy industry as I prefer to maintain an independent status as far as possible. However, I am very well known to several teams in OVO so I want to allow you the chance to factor that into how you consider my response to be.

For me personally, OVO has been pretty good since I signed up in October 2020 and I’ve been one of the forum volunteers pretty much the entire time since then. Customer service in general has been pretty decent overall, with the occasional wobble when I manage to stump an agent but to be honest, that’s more because I’m me and I can trip up just about anyone no matter how hard they try. Some of the changes that have been made to my account since early 2021 however, have massively improved my experience and the support team actually reached out to me to wish me happy birthday last year. :)

In general though, I’d consider OVO to be a pretty good supplier and one of the better larger suppliers out there. I can definitely say that there are suppliers of all sizes who are much worse than OVO, and in fairness there’s also one or two that are perhaps a little better but it all depends on your circumstances and ultimately it’s luck of the draw stuff.

To completely honest with you, I’m always going to present OVO in a highly positive light because of my experiences, so I feel it’s only fair to let some other members have their say as well.

There are however, a bunch of other forum regulars here who aren’t me that may be willing to offer their opinions. I’ve chosen them randomly with the only filtering being based on whether they’re currently active on the forum, and are likely to respond if I mention them.

Based on this, I can try to ask @TomThumb , @ArundaleP , @hydrosam , @Gingernut49 , @juliamc , @M.isterW and @Jeffus to stop by. They all have different experiences and circumstances to me, so I hope it helps you get a better idea of opinions than just from myself alone.

I moved over to OVO energy by SSE for three weeks I keep an eye on what Electricity I use I do a meter reading everyday and write in my diary to keep an eye on my usage and get a correct bill 

I need your help with a couple of  things

  • What do you think of OVO energy 
  • do they exaggerate your usage without you knowing 
  • would you trust them
  • why can’t you contact customer service by email
  • can you send a meter reading and you get a customer service reply saying what you owe

How good are customer service    

I moved from SSE to OVO ENERGY by SSE cause OVO/SEE are in a family which SSE haven’t gone bust

I don’t agree moving over cause OVO energy have only got SSE’s domestic customers

I just want to know what all OVO customers think of there energy supplier 

Cheers jm63

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I don't think OVO are untrustworthy or would exaggerate of inflate your usage. They don't offer the option to send a meter reading then get a message saying what you owe but I doubt any energy company offers that any more. Their customer service leaves something to be desired and they are lagging behind other companies when it comes to innovative tariffs (such as TOU).


For various reasons I don't have a choice at the moment but as soon as I'm able to I'll be switching to Octopus.

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For me, things have been way better with OVO than with SSE when I switched manually two years ago. The customer service is improving a lot because I’m on the new experience which is not only next level, but can’t be found elsewhere. It’s just going to be a bit painful as I understand OVO is working through the various teams to migrate them all over.

Having been selected for that trial something like 18 months ago, it’s been a massive improvement. You will get that by default.

I trust them way more than I would SSE.

Thank you for answering my question much appreciated jm63🤔

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I would recommend Ovo.. And the forum is very helpful 

Not so far 

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Yes would totally recommend Ovo . I was with them many years ago.And when I moved into my new property was with another supplier who I stayed with . Worst decision I made.Recently moved back to Ovo and they are great. And I find the forum most helpful .

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I think you can always find negative views if you look however depending on your needs, I would expect you to find them good, based on my experience. 
I switched in October 2021 and although there were a few things to sort in the first few months, everything has been good since then. 
As a few others have said, this forum is useful - I’ve even found some trade installers looking for information - and there is lots of help available. 
One thing with direct account information is that this forum isn’t the place to get that and so you will see some comments from those who get frustrated with replies that don’t answer their questions .. the forum can’t. 
The industry in general seems to be stretched with the various administrative additions which are needed with the energy support and so there are some delays in customer responses but to me the staff come across as caring and helpful.