Will my switch to OVO continue now I've paid my security deposit?

  • 1 July 2022
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Hi I’ve been trying to switch for last 2 months . They send me a letter on 16 of may and they told to pay a deposit of £250 and I did pay them £350 just to show them I’m serious about it. Basically they told soon as I pay the deposit they will do the switch in 14 days. I’ve been waiting for 1 month and a half since I pay the money and I haven’t had anything from them not even a single respond. I don’t know what to and to who to talk to. Please can you give me an advice. Thank you. 


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5 replies

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Hi @Kreshnik and welcome to the OVO online community,


I’m sorry to hear of the difficulty you’ve had when applying to switch to us. It sounds like you’ve been required to pay a deposit in order for us to continue with your switch request. We’ve outlined the process for making this deposit payment below:

How to pay your deposit 


Your personal deposit amount is based on your estimated annual energy use, your Direct Debit amount and affordability information from credit reference agencies. Your deposit will be held separately to your OVO account, and should be sent to our bank account:

Bank Account Number: 83683249

Sort code: 20-00-00


Please use your OVO account number as a payment reference.

Once you’ve made your deposit, we’ll send you a welcome pack within 3 days of confirming your switch. If you don’t want to continue, there’s nothing you need to do – we’ll automatically cancel your switch in 14 days’ time. 


If you made the requested payment within 14 days of receiving this deposit request but are yet to receive your welcome pack we’d recommend checking in with our Support Team who can double-check your switch is still on track.


I hope this helps get things sorted.

I did pay this by Calling the team on the phone before 

And I did ask them one off your Personal on the  phone is that ok to pay her they told me don’t worry u can pay her so that is why I did pay bay the phone 

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Have you been back in touch with the Support Team in that case, @Kreshnik?


They’ll be able to confirm your new starting date now you’ve paid the deposit. 

Thank you 🙏 so much I’m very happy naw 😊